全新的 XPS 12 2 合 1 Ultrabook™ 與平板電腦



採用第 4 代 Intel® Core™ 處理器、Windows 8 及創新的翻轉軸設計,速度大幅提升,讓您更具生產力。
XPS 12 筆記型電腦


XPS 13 9370

XPS 13 筆記型電腦
網上折後價 NTD 45,900 起

XPS 13的筆記本電腦

XPS 13 Ultrabook™
本產品已無法於線上購買。您可購買同類型的新產品或致電 00801-863-066 。

XPS 14

New! XPS 14 Laptop
本產品已無法於線上購買。您可購買同類型的新產品或致電 00801-863-066 。

擁有下列需求的戶外工作者:出色、可攜且功能強大的 14 吋筆記型電腦,並具備長效電池和行動寬頻功能,兼具效能與連線能力。


With Windows 8 Pro – designed for a smooth, versatile PC experience.
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Innovative design
XPS 12, a high-performance Ultrabook™, features an elegant flip-hinge design. Whether you’re browsing your favorite blogs in tablet mode, or answering emails and preparing presentations in laptop mode, XPS 12 is built around your life. The unique flip-hinge design couples an elegant transition with premium materials and craftsmanship. The hinge is tested to 20,000 cycles. That is equivalent to doing 10 flips per day, 7 days a week for 5.5 years.
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Beautifully tough
Constructed with precision cut aluminum and carbon fiber, the XPS 12 maximizes strength and minimizes weight with premium materials. The edge-to-edge Corning® Gorilla® Glass NBT™ display resists damage from scratches, drops and bumps. The carbon fiber body is as strong as aluminum, but lighter and cooler to the touch.

Your day just got brighter
XPS 12 includes a 12.5" Full HD (1080p) screen that provides up to 2X more pixels than standard HD displays so you’ll see finer details, lines and edges. A 170-degree viewing angle means your display looks clear and crisp from almost any seat. And, the 400-nit display makes it easy to see your screen in outdoor settings, delivering exceptionally clear and bright viewing for reading as well as photo and video viewing. XPS 12 lets you see images the way they were meant to be seen.
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Optimized for Windows 8
The XPS 12 operates with the new Windows 8 to deliver the latest apps to create and play in an enhanced touch-based experience — all without sacrificing PC functionality. With Windows 8 you can keep your files in SkyDrive, where they’ll be automatically synced to the cloud for access from any internet-connected device.
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Always up to date
No more waiting. Intel® Smart Connect Technology automatically updates your email, contacts, social networks and favorite apps, even when your XPS 12 is in sleep mode*.

Tap-to-pair, tap-to-share
Share photos, connect apps or share a website – all wirelessly.* The XPS 12, built with NFC (near field communication), makes it possible. Tap and connect to pair with other NFC enabled device (like headphones and speakers) or tap another Windows 8 NFC enabled device to share photos and more.

Power your passion in seconds
Get started quickly with whatever your day brings. Boot in as little as 7 seconds and resume in less than 2 seconds from sleep mode with an all flash solid-state drive and Intel® Rapid Start Technology. Make it easy to run multiple applications and experience movies, videos, games and other media seamlessly, with new 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and new Intel® HD4400 graphics. The new XPS 12 is up to 63%* faster and provides 68%* more graphics performance than the previous generation model.
Impressive battery performance
XPS 12 is designed to save you time and keep going longer — delivering up to 8 hours, 43 minutes of battery life.* Keep your day going with over 2 hours (2hrs, 30 mins) more battery life than the previous gen XPS 12.*
Complete your XPS 12 experience
Complete your XPS 12 experience.

Your XPS 12 is just the start. Look for these great additions when finalizing your purchase.

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具 NFC 功能的 Jabra Revo 無線耳機: 輕點即可配對使用,享受無線功能的便利,不錯過任何一個音符。觸控式轉盤控制面板可讓您播放音樂及管理來電。
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Dell 無線滑鼠: 具備 Windows 8 增強功能的 Dell 無線滑鼠,不僅提供精準的雷射追蹤功能,更能讓您享受無線使用的自由自在感。
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XPS 12 皮革保護套:時尚俐落、特製服貼的皮革保護套,可單獨使用或置入其他攜帶包,讓您在外行動時也能輕鬆保護 XPS 12。
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Dell USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Dual Video Docking Station: Use two HD+ monitors at once and add superspeed USB 3.0 capability when you connect your XPS 12 to this high-performance docking station. Plug all your devices into it so your laptop is free to pop out fast.
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Dell S2740L 27” Monitor with LED: Make your home base the ultimate in work and play. Virtually frameless, edge-to-edge glass and full HD (1920 X 1080) resolution give you a breathtaking view full of rich color and vivid details.
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Dell KM714 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo: Keep your desk clutter free with a modern wireless keyboard and mouse combo with Scissor Chiclet keys, Windows 8 gesture controls, and LED tracking.

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