Dell Precision 690 Workstation

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Performance. Scalability. Productivity.

The Dell Precision 690 is an ultra-high-performance workstation that is designed to maximize performance and scalability in an innovative, customer-driven chassis design. The 690 offers up to two 64-bit Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® 5100 or 5300 series processors, up to 64GB1 of memory in four fully-buffered DIMM channels (with an optional memory riser card on the 1KW version) and a wide range of high-performance OpenGL graphics cards. The Dell Precision 690 is designed for the most business-critical, compute-intensive and graphically demanding workstation environments.
Dell Precision Workstation 690

New Heights of Scalability

The Dell Precision 690 climbs to new heights of scalability by supporting dual-graphics, up to 64GB* of quad-channel memory, up to two Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors and up to five hard drives for 2TB* of storage. The incredible performance that these expansions make possible are designed to take the 690 into a class of its own among workstations. And because business needs differ, the 690 can also deliver great flexibility when you're configuring your system and for growth in the future.
Dell Precision Workstation 690

Multi-Core Intel® Xeon® Processors

The Dell Precision 690 is equipped with up to two 64-bit Dual or Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® 5100 or 5300 series processors for a total of up to eight execution cores in two sockets. Intel® Xeon multi-core processors can deliver a substantial performance increase over single-core Intel® processors for multi-threaded applications and in multi-tasking environments. Intel Xeon 5100 and 5300 series processors are based upon a revolutionary architecture - Intel® Core™ micro-architecture - with a shorter pipeline, lower clock speeds and faster front side bus are designed to deliver higher performance levels than previous generation Xeon processors. Multi-core processors allow your system to split tasks between separate processor cores so that they can share the load and get more done in less time. The processors can do more work per second, allowing you to run multiple or multi-threaded applications (DCC rendering and Analysis applications) with noticeably quicker results."Run multiple applications with noticeably quicker results."

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Dell Precision Workstation 690

The Dell Precision 690 offers a wide range of many of the very latest high-end graphics cards that give you superb graphics performance for the most demanding visual applications for industries like oil and gas, plus high-end CAD, animation and 3D modeling. Choose the special 1KW chassis to take advantage of optional dual-graphics, which support a quad-monitor display or a truly top-level visual performance with NVIDIA® SLI™ technology. SLI (Scalable Link Interface) technology weaves two video cards together so that they produce a single, high-performance output.

"...take advantage of optional dual-graphics, which support a quad-monitor display..." "

Hard Drive

Storage Flexibility

The Dell Precision 690 supports up to five hard drives. With a potential capacity of 2TB*, you've got space to spare when storing important data and files. And with integrated and optional SATA or SAS controllers with support for a variety of RAID options, you can configure your storage to meet your needs, whether it's for storing large files, backing up data or helping to improve performance with data-striping.
Dell Precision Workstation 690

The Reassurance of ISV Certifications

Dell partners with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to certify system and application compatibility so that your applications can run seamlessly on Dell Precision workstations. Through rigorous testing, Dell also targets flawless compatibility and optimized performance in demanding work environments such as computer-aided design and engineering, digital content creation, oil and gas and medical imaging.

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Dell Precision Workstation 690-390

Save Energy, Save Costs

The Energy Star-compliant Dell Precision Workstation is extremely energy efficient by pre-setting the BIOS to go into low power state after 30 minutes of inactivity. This high level of power management, combined with Power Factor Correcting power supplies, flat panel displays, Intel Core™2 Duo Processors and Dell's thermally efficient BTX chassis design, can help conserve your resources and the earth's resources at the same time.
Dell Precision Workstation 690

Excellent User Experience

Based on customer feedback, Dell has delivered a totally new chassis design with the Dell Precision 690, providing excellent scalability, access and reliability. It features easy, single latch internal access, front-panel diagnostic and network LEDs and a new front bezel design for optimal ventilation.
Dell Precision Workstation 690

Scalable Chassis Design

To allow for the ultimate in scalability and flexibility, the Dell Precision 690 offers a specially-designed 1KW chassis option that gives you the capacity for massive memory and dual-graphics. With the 1KW chassis, you can maximize your possibilities and choose a memory riser card for up to 64GB of memory on 16 DIMMs or a graphics riser card for dual-graphics capability. Dual-graphics allows you to take advantage of a quad-monitor configuration or utilize NVIDIA® SLI™ technology for unbelievable graphics performance.
Enviornmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

Dell is committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner around the globe. Environmental responsibility is one of the key areas of focus for Dell. Examples of Dell's activities in this area include product recovery and recycling and forest stewardship. Dell has reached another key milestone by offering RoHS-compliant* Lead-Free* configurations on the Dell Precision 690.

Dell's sustainability report and details on our environmental initiatives.

Lead Free Components


  • Intel® 5000X chipset
    At the core of Dell Precision 64-bit dual-socket workstations is the Intel 5000x chipset, designed to support the technologies that can open up performance-impacting bottlenecks in primary subsystems. Power users -and the application providers who support them - have access to more bandwidth, more compute power than the previous generation, and to massive memory expansion up to 64GB*.

Graphics Card

  • The Dell Precision workstation graphics program is designed to provide customers with lifecycle and image stability from entry Professional 2D thru the Mid-Range 3D graphics cards. In addition, Dell provides the latest and best performing graphics technologies from the price/performance mid range 3D thru high-end 3D graphics card segments. Dell continually evaluates the newest graphics technologies to ensure the most relevant graphics cards are selected for qualification, certification and factory installation in Dell Precision Workstations.

    Dual-Graphics Options
    Optional dual-graphics configurations allow two graphics cards to work together in the Dell Precision 690 1KW chassis to help improve performance and quality. A high-end NVIDIA® SLI™ ready configuration is available, delivering an application-transparent scaling of performance. Several quad-monitor solutions are also available, from 2D to high-end 3D, allowing the use of multiple monitors to help expand available desktop space.

    The dual-graphics solutions on the Dell Precision 690 are fully tested, factory installed and supported by Dell.
    Get more information on Quad-monitors and NVIDIA SLI Technology

    NVIDIA Quadro® FX 4600 : (supports 1 or 2 dual link connections) High-End
    NVIDIA Quadro® FX 4500 : (supports 1 or 2 dual link connections) High-End
    NVIDIA Quadro® FX 3500 : (supports 1 or 2 dual link connections) Mid-End
    NVIDIA Quadro® FX 3450 : (supports 1 dual link connection) Mid-End
    NVIDIA Quadro® FX 550 : Entry 3D
    NVIDIA Quadro® NVS 285 (128MB)* : Entry 2D

    ATI™ FireGL™ V7200 : (supports 1 or 2 dual link connections) :Mid-End
    ATI™ FireGL™ V3400 : (supports 1 dual link connection) : Entry

Drive Controllers

  • Integrated LSI 1068 SAS/SATA 3.0Gb/s controller supports RAID 0, 1
    Optional PERC 5/i PCI-e RAID card supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10


  • Chassis
    (W x H x D):
    Without stand, includes feet
    8.5" x 22.26" x 22.3"
    21.59cm x 56.54cm x 56.6cm

    With stand, includes feet
    12.8 x 22.26" x 22.3"
    32.5cm x 56.54cm x 56.6cm

    4 internal 3.5" hard disk drive bays
    3 external 5.25" optical bays, one of which can accommodate a fifth HDD
    1 external 3.5" flex bay for floppy or media card reader


    3 PCI-e x8 slot wired as x4
    1 PCI-e x16 graphics slot
    2 PCI-e x16 slots with optional graphics card riser on 690 1KW chassis
    (NOTE: Graphics riser option covers up 2 PCI-e x8 slot wired as x4 and 1 PCI 32bit/33Mhz slot. Remaining slots are 2 PCI-X 64bit/100MHz and 1 PCI-e x8 slot wired as x4. Option must be ordered at system purchase.)
    2 PCI-X 64bit/100MHz slots with support for 3.3v or universal cards
    1 PCI 32bit/33Mhz slot

    Standard I/O Ports

    8 USB 2.0: two on front panel, five on back panel, one internal on motherboard
    2 IEEE 1394a: one front, one rear
    2 serial, 1 parallel, 2 PS/2, 1 RJ-45, Stereo line-in and headphone line-out (on back panel)
    Microphone and headphone connector (on front panel)


  • 1KW Chassis - 1000 watt power supply
    750 watt power supply

Dell ProSupport

Professional, proactive and proven support services designed to address the technology challenges you face today, Dell ProSupport* starts with a service model designed for IT professionals like you.

Dell ProSupport for IT provides:
  • 7x24 Direct access to Dell Expert Centers
  • Fast-track dispatch for Dell-certified technicians
  • Escalation management through Dell’s Global Command Centers
Additional Dell ProSupport options align to the way you use technology — rapidly responding to your needs, protecting your investment, your productivity and your sensitive data, and providing enhanced proactive support services to reduce the risk and complexity of managing your infrastructure.

Specialized Onsite Options allow you to augment your daily IT management or tap into specific technical expertise for critical projects when needed.

Recommended options for desktops include:
  • Onsite parts management to help minimize downtime by having parts at your fingertips.
  • Onsite personnel to augment your IT staff.
  • Onsite Diagnosis for accelerated troubleshooting.
Keep Your Hard Drive*  enables you to control your sensitive data by retaining your hard drive and helps you comply with current data privacy regulations to help mitigate risks associated with regulatory or civil liabilities. Enterprise-Wide Contract provides enhanced proactive capabilities through:
  • Designated service delivery manager
  • Performance benchmarking and custom reporting
  • Planning and assessments

Customization and Set-Up

Deployment Services
Our end-to-end deployment servicesaredesigned to simplify and accelerate the customization and utilization of your new systems. Dell Deployment Services include everything from order consolidation to coordination of deployment resources.
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Client Migration and Deployment
Dell Managed Deployment Services are forcustomers who need a complete, end-to-end deployment solution. Managed deployments are useful within complex logistical environments that require a single point of contact.
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Custom Factory Integration
Dell offers custom factory integration services to help accelerate your system deployments. We can perform a range of services such as custom configuration, consolidation and integration in our factory so that you can deploy your systems right out of the box.
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ImageDirect is a web-based, hosted image management service that enables customers to easily create, manage and load custom images for Dell commercial client systems.
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Installation Services
Dell provides streamlined standard installation services so you can easily choose the specific package that quickly gets new systems into the workspace and old systems out.
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Additional Services

Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Services offers safe and environmentally-appropriate disposal solutions for outdated or end-of-life IT assets. This service includes transportation, flexible logistics, equipment processing, detailed data security and environmental reports at an affordable price.
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Dell offers comprehensive training services that include hardware and software training, as well as PC skills and professional development classes. Our flexible approach allows you to tailor classes to the needs and busy schedules of your employees with instructor-led classrooms or virtual courses, and even self-directed online options. Dell training can help improve system reliability, maximize productivity and reduce end-user requests and downtime.
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