Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers- 1u & 2u Rack Server

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers- 1u & 2u Rack Server
Dense scale out data center 1U 2 socket rack server. Ideal for dense private cloud, software defined storage and high performance computing.
PowerEdge R640 Details
Storage scale-up 2U high performance two-socket server
PowerEdge R7425 Details
Storage scale-up 2U high performance single socket server
PowerEdge R7415 Details
Dense scale-out 1U high performance single socket server
Details on PowerEdge R6415 Rack Server
General purpose 2U, 2 socket rack server adaptable to a variety of applications
PowerEdge r540 Details
Dense scale out data center 1U 2 socket rack server. Ideal for dense private cloud, software defined storage and high performance computing.
PowerEdge C6420 Details
Ideal for software defined storage in a 2U dual socket rack server
PowerEdge R740xd
Dual socket rack server for VDI, GPU acceleration and virtualization
PowerEdge R740
Density optimized scale-out 1U 2 socket rack server, HPC server
PowerEdge R440 Rack Server
Ideal for mission critical database, real time data and analytics
PowerEdge R940 Details
Superb 4S, 2U performance, scalability and value
PowerEdge R830 rack server
Performance, efficiency and versatility for SMB
PowerEdge R230 Details
Performance, efficiency and expandability for SMB and ROBO
PowerEdge R330 Details
Optimized for web tech and infrastructure scale-out.
PowerEdge R530xd Details
4-socket server specifically designed to maximize enterprise applications
PowerEdge R930 Details
Powerful and compact 2S/1U rack server.
PowerEdge R430 Details
Versatile, affordable, 2-socket 2U rack server
PowerEdge R530 Details
Highly scalable 2S/2U server with impressive flexibility
PowerEdge R730 Details
A versatile 2U/2S server with flexible storage capabilities
PowerEdge R730xd Details
2S/1U platform with double the density of a traditional 2U server
PowerEdge R630 Details
Compact and versatile 1-socket 1U rack server.
PowerEdge R220 Details
High-performance and density for mid-sized and large enterprises.
PowerEdge R920 Details
Concentrated computing power in a 2S/1U form factor
PowerEdge R620 Details
Outstanding storage capacity in a 2-socket 2U rack server.
PowerEdge R720xd Details
Outstanding power and density for mission-critical workloads.
PowerEdge R820 Details
Compact, enterprise ready, 1-socket rack server
PowerEdge R210 II Details
Intel® -based 1-socket 1U server, well-suited for single-tier workloads
PowerEdge R310 Details
4-Socket, 8- or 12- Core, 2U Rack Server

An ideal blend of value and performance in a 4-socket, 2U rack server
PowerEdge R815 Details
2-Socket, 8- or 12-core, 2U Rack server

Well-balanced 2-socket, 2U rack server for general business applications
PowerEdge R715 Details
2-Socket, Quad Core Rack Server

High performance and high value with a compact design
PowerEdge R410 Details
2-socket, 4-or 6-core, 1U rack server

Versatile value in a compact AMD processor-based, 1U rack server
PowerEdge R415 Details
2-Socket, Dual Core and Quad Core, 2U Rack

Multi-purpose, high capacity value rack server
PowerEdge R510 Details
Dell’s next generation 2-socket, 1U Rack Server based on Intel®  Xeon®  Quad-core and Six-core 5500 and 5600 series processors
PowerEdge R610 Details
4-Socket, 10-Core, 4U Rack Server

High-performance, scalable 4-socket server for mission-critical applications
PowerEdge R910 Details
2-Socket, Quad-Core 2U Rack Server

Versatile General Purpose
PowerEdge 2970 Details
1-Socket, Quad-Core 1U Rack Server

Value Rack Dense
PowerEdge R200 Details
1-Socket, Quad-Core Entry Rack Server

Dell's most compact entry 1-Socket rack
PowerEdge R210 Details
1-Socket, Quad-Core 1U Rack Server

Ultimate Single Socket Performance
PowerEdge R300 Details
Experience enterprise-class features in the rack-optimized 1U PowerEdge R320 server – ideal for your core business applications.
PowerEdge R320 Details
Get an energy-efficient, dense 1U server for your applications with the PowerEdge R420, featuring next-generation processing and flexible I/O options.
PowerEdge R420 Details
2-socket, 4-or 6-core, 2U rack server

Outstanding storage density and value in an AMD processor-based, 2U rack server
PowerEdge R515 Details
2-Socket, up to Six-Core AMD Processors 2U Rack Server

Designed for Virtualization
PowerEdge R805 Details
4-socket, Six-Core and Quad-Core, 4U Rack Server

Dell’s most powerful Intel Server designed for Virtualization
PowerEdge R900 Details
4-Socket, up to Six-Core AMD Processors 4U Rack Server

AMD Virtualization Server
PowerEdge R905 Details