Dell Precision Workstations

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Precision 3000 Series Fixed Workstation
 Precision 3000 Series Fixed Workstation
New Precision 3660 Tower
Precision R3930 Fixed Workstation
Precision 3260 Compact Workstation
Ultra small form factor workstation engineered to deliver performance in compact workspaces. Featuring NVIDIA® graphics and Intel® Core™ processors.
New Precision 3460 Small Form Factor
An intelligent, performance-optimized, space-saving small form factor featuring AI-responsiveness.
Precision 3660 Tower Workstation
Tower workstation designed for outstanding performance scalability. Featuring improved CPU cooling, built-in AI responsiveness, professional graphics and Intel® Core™ processors.
Precision 3930 Rack Workstation
1U rack workstation with secure remote access, impressive affordability and workstation-class performance.​ Featuring professional graphics and up to Intel® Xeon® processors.
Precision 5820 Tower
Precision Fixed Stack
Precision 7865
Precision 7920 Tower
Precision 5820 Tower Workstation
Compact tower workstation with scalable performance for mainstream industry applications. Featuring professional graphics and Intel® Xeon® processors.
Dell Precision 7820 Tower
Tower workstation made for maximum performance in a compact design with dual-socket architecture.​
Precision 7920 Tower Workstation
A Precision 7920 Tower that delivers the highest level of performance and scalability
precision 7920 rack
Dell Precision 7920 Rack
A Precision 7920 Rack that delivers the highest level of secure remote access with ultimate workstation performance.