PowerEdge XR4000: Compute Optimized for the Edge

A new short-depth, edge server purpose-built for unpredictable and often challenging deployment environments.

The announcement of the Dell PowerEdge XR4000 marks a continuation of the Dell Technologies commitment to creating platforms for the Edge. These XR servers can withstand the unpredictable and often challenging deployment environments found in non-data-center locations. Whether it’s in the space-constrained back-offices of your retail locations, or directly next to heavy machinery on your dusty manufacturing floors, Dell’s Edge servers deliver the flexible compute capabilities our customers need.

Dell’s Shortest Depth Edge Server

This high-performance multi-node server was purpose-built to address the demands of today’s retail, manufacturing, and defense customers.

The XR4000 is designed around a unique chassis and compute sled(s) concept. The chassis consists of two 14”-depth chassis form factors, referred to as “rackable” and “stackable.” The actual compute resides in modular sleds coming in 1U or 2U form factors; with power being the only shared component between the sleds.

Two Chassis + Two Sleds = Ultimate Flexibility

Front and rear views of the Dell PowerEdge XR4000 “rackable” (left) and “stackable” (right) Edge Optimized Servers.
Front and rear views of the Dell PowerEdge XR4000 “rackable” (left) and “stackable” (right) Edge Optimized Servers.

The “rackable” chassis supports 4x 1U, 2x 2U, or 2x 1U + 1x 2U sled configurations and fits into a standard width rack, allowing for deployment in locations with existing compute infrastructure. The “stackable” chassis is also 14” (355mm) deep, but only 12” wide and can be deployed on a desktop or stacked on a shelf with its innovative built-in latches. Adding even more function, both chassis are wall-mountable, allowing for ultimate flexibility where floorspace comes at a premium. Both chassis designs also support single-side I/O, allowing for all I/O (including power) to be accessed at the same time.

Powered by Intel

At the heart of the XR4000 compute sleds is the Intel® Xeon D® Scalable processor. This ‘made-for-the-edge’ CPU comes with up to 20 cores meaning a rackable chassis can be deployed with up to 80 total cores. The sleds also include 4x memory slots; 3200MT/s; up to 128GB (coming soon after launch,) and 4x M.2 storage capacity as well as a separate BOSS card for OS partitioning. The 2U sled has the same features as the 1U sled, while adding 2 x Gen4 PCIe slots to support GPUs, DPUs, and other NIC Options.

Introducing the Nano Witness Server

XR4000 delivers even more innovation with the addition of an optional nano server sled. Replacing the need for a virtual witness node, the Nano Server can function as an in-chassis witness node, allowing for native, 2-node vSAN cluster in even the 14” x 12” stackable server chassis. This allows for virtual machine deployments where the option was previously out-of-the-question due to latency or bandwidth constraints.

Designed for the Unpredictable Edge

As a MIL/NEBS tested server, XR4000 can operate in temperatures from -5C to 55C, withstanding most levels of shock and vibration, and handle the extremes of remote field deployments or Black Friday shopping crowds.

Additionally, both chassis types have the option to include a lockable bezel, with intelligent filter monitoring that will alert the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) when the filter needs to be changed, keeping your server free of the dust, pollen, and other air particles found in most commercial locations.

Flexibility, Scalability and Serviceability

The PowerEdge XR4000, Dell’s shortest depth server to date is purpose-built for the edge, delivering high-performance compute and ultimate deployment flexibility. This multi-node, two-chassis server can manage unpredictable conditions while saving much-needed floor space.  Its unique design allows you to start with one server and scale for additional capacity. Built to survive outside of the data center, it is an attractive option to deploy on the manufacturing floor or in a retail back office.

Also Offered to Our OEMs and Partners

For OEMs, from bezel to BIOS to packaging, your servers can look and feel as if they were designed and built by you. For more information, visit our OEM solutions site. For Partners, it’s available through our extensive partner network which includes implementation and managed services.

A new addition to the edge portfolio, PowerEdge XR4000 is deployed as a part of the Dell Validated Designs for Manufacturing Edge and Retail Edge. To learn more about the PowerEdge XR4000, visit the PowerEdge servers page.

Deania Davidson

About the Author: Deania Davidson

Deania Davidson is Director of Product Planning and Management for Dell’s AI-optimized compute portfolio. She has been in the tech industry for 20 years, with experience in engineering, business development and portfolio planning and development. She received her BSEE from Rice University and lives in Round Rock, TX with her family.