Dell Connected PCs for Zero Trust Security

How devices with mobile broadband enhance security in the era of AI.

Zero Trust is a security framework that assumes no trust for any entity, whether internal or external, and requires continuous verification of identity, device, software, data and network. This principle of “never trust, always verify” and aims to prevent data breaches, cyberattacks and unauthorized access.

Zero Trust is especially relevant in the era of artificial intelligence (AI), where data is the fuel for innovation and competitive advantage, and protecting it from security threats becomes critical to its integrity.  As Gartner® states in the 2023 Strategic Roadmap for Zero Trust Security Program Implementation report, John Watts, Neil MacDonald, Thomas Lintemuth, April 13, 2023, “Organizations impacted by major cybersecurity incidents or simply reacting to a shifting threat landscape turn to zero trust strategies as a way of limiting their exposure to, and the impacts of, these kinds of threats. In 2021, the U.S. federal government moved determinedly to adopt a zero trust strategy.”

Managing device and software security is not easy, as it involves multiple factors, such as device inventory, device health, device configuration, device encryption, device update, device backup, device recovery, device remote control, device wipe and device retirement. Moreover, device and software security are not static, as they change over time and across different contexts, such as location, network and user behavior. This is where Dell Connected PCs come in with flexibility in devices to fit multiple personas and security to ensure end users are linked to a known secure, encrypted mobile network.

How Dell Connected PCs Support Zero Trust Principles: Features and Benefits

Dell Connected PCs are laptops with mobile broadband that work like smartphones to enable access to the internet when a secure Wi-Fi connection is not available.Built with Zero Trust in Mind

Many Dell Connected PC models, such as Latitude 9330 2-in-1 and Precision models, feature multiple layers of defense from Dell Trusted Workspace, our suite of endpoint security solutions.

    • Built-with supply chain security. Rigorous supply chain controls and extra assurance reduce the risk of product tampering and helps ensure end users are secure from first boot.
    • Built-in hardware and firmware security. Prevent and detect foundational attacks with the industry’s most secure commercial PCs¹ featuring Dell SafeBIOS and Dell SafeID.
    • Built-on software security. Improve the security of any fleet with advanced threat protection from expertly selected partner ecosystems with Dell SafeGuard and Response and Dell SafeData.

Secure Mobile Broadband

In Gauge Your Zero Trust Maturity, Forrester Inc., March 10, 2023, the firm notes “Secure networks are the most challenging maturity competency for many organizations. Security professionals complain of too many flat networks, little or stale segmentation, and an overall lack of visibility and control in their network.” Mobile broadband is a feature that enables Dell devices to connect to the internet securely and reliably, using cellular networks, such as 4G LTE and 5G. Mobile broadband provides an alternative to Wi-Fi networks, which may be unreliable, insecure or unavailable, especially in remote or mobile scenarios. Mobile broadband enhances device and connection security for Zero Trust by providing the following features and benefits.

    • Encryption. Protect the data transmitted and received over the cellular network, and prevent eavesdropping, interception or manipulation of the data.
    • Authentication. Verify the identity of the device and the cellular network and prevent unauthorized access or spoofing of the device or the network.
    • Compliance. Mobile broadband complies with various security standards and regulations, such as FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, GDPR and PCI DSS, and ensures that the device and the data meet the security requirements and policies.
    • Performance. Provide high-speed and low-latency internet connectivity and enable faster and smoother access to cloud-based applications and data.
    • Availability. Provides wide and consistent internet coverage, and enables reliable and uninterrupted access to network resources, even in remote or mobile scenarios.

An Added Layer of Defense

By using Dell Connected PCs, companies can enhance their device and software security for Zero Trust, improve the user experience, productivity and satisfaction and accelerate AI application use cases and innovations, while improving security by removing reliance on unsecured networks.

As written in  the Gartner Hype Cycle™ for Zero Trust Networking, 2023, Andrew Lerner, John Watts, July 18, 2023, “The strategy to reduce the attack surface and limit scan and exploit attacks is cloaking existing networks and applications from discovery.”

Explore how Dell enhances security and user experience with our commercial PCs, which not only mitigate the risk of cyberattacks through robust defenses below the operating system but also ensure secure and encrypted internet connectivity via the utilization of mobile broadband technology.

1Based on Dell internal analysis, September 2023. Applicable to PCs on Intel processors. Not all features available with all PCs. Additional purchase required for some features.

Gartner® is a registered trademark and service mark, and HYPE CYCLE is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

About the Author: Nicki Balsley

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