GenAI Showdown: SAP Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the SAP Arena! Today’s battle is Any-Premises vs. Hyperscaler for RISE with SAP S/4HANA.

In this corner, wearing the cloud-colored trunks, we have RISE with SAP S/4HANA, the heavyweight champion of enterprise resource planning. And in the opposite corner, sporting the any-premises jersey, it’s GenAI, the neural network ninja. Let the battle begin!

Round 1: The RISE of S/4HANA

S/4HANA RISE struts into the ring, flexing its cloud muscles. It promises seamless migration, simplified landscapes and a subscription model that makes CFOs do the cha-cha. But wait, what’s this? A challenger approaches—any-premises deployment! Why would anyone choose it when the cloud is throwing a party?

Round 2: The Any-premises Underdog Strikes Back

Listen up, SAP aficionados! Any-premises isn’t just a relic; it’s the secret sauce. Here’s why:

    1. Customization galore. S/4HANA RISE bundles services like a gourmet meal deal. But what if you’re a picky eater? Any-premises lets you mix and match—like a build-your-own pizza. Extra cheese? Sure! Hold the hyperscalers? Absolutely. Need industry-specific tweaks? Any-premises whispers, “I got you.” Finance, manufacturing, retail—customize ‘til your heart’s content.
    2. Data security tango. Imagine S/4HANA RISE as a masked ball. Your data waltzes in, wearing a tuxedo of compliance. GDPR, CCPA and friends nod approvingly. But any-premises? It’s the VIP section—strict access control, encrypted handshakes and no uninvited guests. Finance folks, listen up! Regulated sectors need data security like a Swiss bank vault. Any-premises ensures your secrets stay safe.
    3. Latency Paso Doble. GenAI twirls onto the dance floor. Chatbots, recommendation engines—they crave real-time moves. But the cloud? It’s doing the cha-cha across continents. Latency, darling, latency! Any-premises steps in. No long-distance relationships here. Data pirouettes within your walls, whispering sweet nothings to your servers. Faster response times, fewer dropped calls.

Round 3: Cost Control Tango

Ah, the budget—a tango partner with mood swings. S/4HANA RISE winks, “Pay as you go!” But GenAI raises an eyebrow. “And when usage spikes? Surprise bills?”

    1. Any-premises budget foxtrot. You’re the conductor. Control the orchestra. Any-premises lets you fine-tune resources. No cloud sticker shock. No “unicorn tears” line items. CFOs nod appreciatively. Predictable costs, no mythical creatures involved.
    2. Hybrid waltz. Picture this: S/4HANA RISE starts any-premises, like a cautious debutante. It trains, learns and pirouettes. Then—ta-da!—it waltzes into the cloud for a grand finale. Hybrid magic! Best of both worlds. Like a tech-savvy Cinderella with glass slippers and a backup pair of sneakers.

Final Round: The SAP Symphony

As the crowd roars, SAP leaders take notes. S/4HANA RISE isn’t just a cloud fling—it’s a symphony. Any-premises adds depth, like a cello solo in a Mozart concerto. Together, they harmonize. Compliance, agility, cost control—they dance in perfect rhythm.

So, SAP enthusiasts, choose your partner wisely. Cloud or any-premises? The winner? Innovation. And maybe, just maybe, a sprinkle of ABAP magic.

Learn more about RISE and AI here.

Disclaimer: No ABAP developers were harmed in the making of this blog. Any resemblance to actual SAP landscapes is purely coincidental.

Joakim Zetterblad

About the Author: Joakim Zetterblad

Joakim Zetterblad is Dell Technologies Global Head of SAP Alliance. In this role, Joakim leads the global SAP Practice, defines strategies and leads global GTM campaigns together with SAP and SAP Eco-system partners. Joakim is a 24-year Dell Technologies veteran. In addition to leading the EMEA North SAP Business for four years at EMC, he drove entire EMEA SAP Business for eleven. Since 2016, Joakim holds the position of global SAP Alliance lead. In this role, he collaborates closely with System Integrators and SAP in building new solution strategies and programs to help clients modernize and transform the way they run their SAP landscapes. Prior to joining EMC in 2000, Joakim held a number of roles at IBM global Services and KPMG as SAP Management consultant and SAP Practice leader. He also worked for the Swedish Air Force for three years. Joakim holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Linkopings University, Sweden and an MBA from IMD Lausanne.