PowerProtect Leads Data Protection, Tops NPS Rankings Again

PowerProtect Data Manager excels in security, reliability and customer satisfaction.

In the ever-evolving landscape of data protection, organizations are constantly seeking solutions that not only secure their data but also offer ease of use, reliability and innovative features. According to a recent Net Promoter Score (NPS) study conducted by an independent third party, Dell Technologies PowerProtect Data Manager has emerged as the leader in customer satisfaction for the second consecutive year, outperforming competitors such as Rubrik, Cohesity, Commvault, Veeam and Veritas.

The NPS study, which serves as a barometer for customer loyalty and satisfaction, revealed that PowerProtect Data Manager’s customers are more likely to recommend the product than those of any other data protection software. This is a testament to the product’s ability to meet and exceed customer expectations in a variety of key performance areas.

The study evaluated more than 1,200 respondents across multiple customer personas, including Overseers, Decision Makers, Influencers and Manager/End Users. The survey delved into the top 20 drivers impacting NPS scores, with the following areas highlighted where PowerProtect Data Manager excelled:

    • Support responsiveness. Customers appreciate Dell’s responsive and knowledgeable support team that swiftly resolves any operational issues.
    • Management console simplicity. The intuitive management console simplifies operations, even for junior-level administrators.
    • Interoperability. Customers highly value the platform’s ability to integrate and function seamlessly with a variety of systems and applications.

Among these drivers, PowerProtect Data Manager was particularly lauded for its standout performance in the following areas:

    • Security and compliance. Integration with PowerProtect DD appliances provides immutability and cyber resiliency, protecting data from threats and ensuring compliance with regulations.
    • Reliability. The product’s proven capabilities ensure customers can meet their recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives, instilling confidence in the solution’s dependability.
    • Innovation. Continuous feature enhancements, driven by customer feedback and delivered through a microservices-based architecture, are propelling customer satisfaction. The agile update cadence and incorporation of modern IT requirements demonstrate PowerProtect Data Manager’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in data protection technology.

In addition to these strengths, PowerProtect Data Manager is at the forefront of innovation in data protection, as evidenced by the following features:

    • Transparent snapshots. This feature allows for the protection of critical VMs without performance disruption, a significant advantage for databases like SQL.
    • Dynamic NAS. Addressing the challenge of protecting NAS data, Dynamic NAS reduces the time required to safeguard unstructured data, which is rapidly growing in volume.
    • Recovery orchestration. Simplifying the recovery process, this feature enables granular VM-level recoveries with minimal effort, eliminating complex scripting.
    • Storage direct protection. For PowerStore and PowerMax customers, this innovation delivers fast, efficient and secure backup and recovery directly to PowerProtect appliances with centralized management and orchestration, incremental forever backups and end-to-end immutability.
    • Kubernetes containers. Automates Kubernetes workload protection across hybrid clouds by integrating with native Kubernetes APIs, ensuring data integrity and simplifying recovery processes for modern applications.

These innovations underscore PowerProtect Data Manager’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that address the dynamic needs of modern IT environments.

The NPS study’s findings reinforce the notion that listening to customer feedback and continuously improving products are essential for maintaining a leading position in the market. PowerProtect Data Manager’s #1 ranking in customer satisfaction for two years running is a clear indication that organizations value the choice and flexibility offered by its cyber resilient multicloud data protection capabilities. Whether deployed as an integrated appliance or a software-defined solution, PowerProtect Data Manager ensures the protection and security of critical data assets, making it a top choice for businesses looking to fortify their data protection strategies.

To learn more, visit the PowerProtect Data Manager page.

About the Author: Colm Keegan

If there is one thing I have learned in my IT career, whether as a systems administrator, enterprise sales rep, industry analyst or as a marketing professional, it's to always LISTEN to the customer. In this age of digital disruption, the voice of the customer is clear. They want IT to be simple so that they can focus on the important things like helping the business innovate and spending more quality time with their families. In my role at Dell Technologies, I strive to communicate how Dell is delivering the forward thinking solutions needed to simplify IT and protect the business so organizations can focus on innovation and doing what's best for THEIR customers.