Slash Costs with Dell Multicloud Data Protection Solutions

Discover how to dramatically cut your data protection expenses with Dell.

In an era where data is king, the costs of protecting and managing this invaluable asset are soaring. Dell Technologies Power2Protect Podcast recently shed light on a pressing issue that keeps IT managers awake at night: the ballooning costs of data protection in the face of exponential data growth. With AI and GenAI technologies on the rise, the challenge of securing vast amounts of data across distributed environments is intensifying. But what if there was a way to protect your data without breaking the bank? Dell’s multicloud data protection solutions promise just that. Let’s dive into the efficiencies and savings these solutions offer, as revealed by ESG research.

ESG’s Analysis: Cost-Effective Data Protection

A study by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), titled “Analyzing the Economic and Operational Benefits of the Dell Data Protection Portfolio,” highlights the significant cost savings Dell’s solutions offer. ESG found that organizations using Dell data protection could safeguard their data for less than one cent per GB per month. This impressive figure comes from a comprehensive analysis of ten Dell customers over 36 months, considering all associated hardware, software and maintenance costs.

The secret sauce? Dell’s native data deduplication capabilities. With data reduction rates ranging from 93.6% to 99%, Dell customers have experienced average deduplication rates of 98%, translating to a 60:1 dedupe ratio. This means that even at the lowest observed dedupe rate of 15:1, you could protect 1.4PB of data using just 87TB of physical storage. The implications are huge: less hardware required, reduced power and cooling needs and minimized maintenance and administration overhead.

Enhancing Disaster Recovery and Reducing Timeframes

When disaster strikes, recovery speed is crucial. ESG’s research shows that Dell’s multicloud data protection solutions not only reduce the resources and services needed for data protection by up to 84% but also facilitate an 85% faster recovery time in disaster scenarios. This is particularly relevant for organizations leveraging public, hybrid and private clouds for disaster recovery (DR) purposes.

Dell’s APEX Protection Storage for Public Cloud simplifies backup and DR in the cloud, leading to lower service costs and faster deployment. By storing deduplicated backup copies on low-cost cloud object storage, Dell ensures that both initial investments and ongoing costs remain minimal. Additionally, the bandwidth efficiency of Dell’s solutions means reduced network bandwidth needs and lower cloud egress charges, further driving down costs.

The Dell Comeback: Superior Architecture and Performance

It’s not uncommon for customers to return to Dell after trying out competitors’ solutions. The underlying architecture of Dell’s multicloud data protection solutions often proves to be more efficient and cost-effective in the long run. Customers have reported that competitors’ solutions failed to handle data volumes without significant additional hardware investments, leading to skyrocketing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Dell’s multicloud data protection solutions, on the other hand, offer a strong foundation that scales efficiently, ensuring that performance is not sacrificed for cost savings. With the ability to manage massive data growth, Dell helps customers prepare for the data-intensive demands of AI and GenAI workloads without overwhelming their IT staff or budget.

Building a Strong Data Protection Foundation

In summary, Dell’s multicloud data protection solutions offer a compelling proposition for IT organizations looking to manage their data efficiently and cost-effectively. With proven reductions in data protection costs, enhanced disaster recovery capabilities and superior architecture that outperforms competitors, Dell provides a foundation that supports the future of data growth driven by AI and GenAI technologies.

If you’re seeking to streamline your data protection strategy and ensure your organization is poised for success in a data-driven world, it’s time to consider Dell multicloud data protection solutions. Contact your Dell partner or sales representative today to explore how you can achieve these efficiencies in your IT environment.

About the Author: Colm Keegan

If there is one thing I have learned in my IT career, whether as a systems administrator, enterprise sales rep, industry analyst or as a marketing professional, it's to always LISTEN to the customer. In this age of digital disruption, the voice of the customer is clear. They want IT to be simple so that they can focus on the important things like helping the business innovate and spending more quality time with their families. In my role at Dell Technologies, I strive to communicate how Dell is delivering the forward thinking solutions needed to simplify IT and protect the business so organizations can focus on innovation and doing what's best for THEIR customers.