The next generation of Dell PowerVault NX series storage appliances have arrived!

  Posted on behalf of Oliver Karen, Product Marketing Manager – Enterprise Storage

The new PowerVault NX400 marks the last member of the PowerVault Windows Storage Server NAS family that has been transitioned to Dell’s new PowerEdge 12th Generation server hardware. Like its bigger cousins NX3200 and NX3300 that were launched last month, the NX400 benefits from all the advances that have been introduced with 12G. Exemplary improvements in energy savings, performance and serviceability make the new NX Windows NAS platforms more powerful and versatile than ever.

The new lineup starts with the entry-level NX400, a 1U, 4HDD storage appliance for small businesses and first time NAS customers. The next step up the Windows NAS ladder is the NX3200, which offers a whopping 36TB (soon 48TB) of capacity in one single 2U chassis. Finally, if you need more capacity and scale, you can choose the NX3300, a 1U NAS gateway for PowerVault MD, EqualLogic PS, or Compellent Storage Center arrays.  The NX3300 can scale out to 16 nodes for additional performance and high-availability failover.

So, if you are looking for a Windows NAS solution to address CIFS/SMB centric environments, need to integrate seamless into AD (Active Directory), or just like the familiar Windows management interface then look no further and check out Dell’s new Windows Storage Server NX products in the PowerVault family.

Learn more about the new PowerVault appliances here!

About the Author: Michelle Richard