Edge Innovation Lands VxRail a Third CRN Tech Award

Exploring the innovation behind simplicity at the edge and the award-winning VxRail VD-4000 features.

For the third year running, Dell’s VxRail product line has been recognized with the prestigious CRN Tech Innovators Award. This is a testament to the remarkable innovation and industry-leading technology encapsulated in the VxRail offerings, and this year, the groundbreaking VxRail VD-4000.

The annual CRN Tech Innovators Awards, determined by a panel of CRN editors, highlight and celebrate innovative vendors in the IT channel across 38 technology categories. These categories span from cloud to storage to networking to security – crucial areas that drive the digital transformation of businesses.

In 2021, VxRail secured its first CRN Tech Innovators award, in recognition of offering the simplest pathway to hybrid cloud and enabling operational and infrastructure modernization, including the introduction of integrated options to run vSphere Tanzu. The innovation (and winning) continued in 2022 as we added VxRail satellite and dynamic nodes, extending the power of VxRail to edge deployments and effectively addressing asymmetric workload scaling.

Announced in January, the VxRail VD-4000 put us on the podium again. This latest addition to the VxRail portfolio extends the robustness and utility of the VxRail family into previously inaccessible areas, expanding the scope of efficient, reliable hyperconverged solutions for businesses. Its unique features, such as the embedded vSAN witness, compact design and wide operational parameters, enable organizations to maintain a consistent operational model across their entire IT landscape – in the core data center, hybrid cloud and at the edge. By becoming the first HCI solution to deliver a self-contained two-node vSAN cluster, the VD-4000 overcomes latency and bandwidth constraints, ensuring businesses can standardize operations, reduce complexity and drive efficiency, regardless of the deployment environment.

CRN the Channel Co, 2023 Tech Innovators Winner graphic, with white background and red and black font on left third of the graphic. Two thirds of the graphic center and right has a black background with "Tech Innovators" in white font and "Winner 2023" in red font.

The VD-4000 isn’t just about robustness and efficiency. With its compact form factor, it’s easily deployable in space-constrained environments, whether racked, stacked or wall-mounted. It operates seamlessly between 27°F to 131°F, with additional resilience against shock and vibration. This is innovation designed to deliver results in even the most unpredictable edge environments.

Some common use cases for the VD-4000 include:

    • Retail and Service Industry Edge Deployment. Perfect for retail chains or businesses with multiple branches, handling local data processing needs with its compact form factor and low bandwidth requirement.
    • Remote Operations in Harsh Environments. Ideal for deployments in challenging conditions like mining sites, oil rigs or military operations due to its rugged, durable design.
    • Telecommunications and Network Infrastructure. Well-suited for telecommunications companies or large-scale network operations, offering reliable processing in small, dispersed network locations.

This award serves as a testament to the value VxRail presents to its users, stemming from its unique combination of efficiency, resilience and simplicity. And it reinforces the ongoing commitment from Dell and VMware to deliver top-tier, innovative solutions that help businesses thrive in the digital age.

The VxRail VD-4000 revolutionizes the way customers manage data center to edge deployments by bridging the gap between efficiency and reach. The automation of deployment, orchestration and lifecycle management via the VxRail HCI System Software ensures a consistent operational model across all deployments. Therefore, the VD-4000 doesn’t just take customers to new locations; it brings the efficiency and reliability of the data center with it. Here is a quick video highlighting some of the use cases.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have designed the VxRail VD-4000 with key features that contribute to energy efficiency and sustainable operations. The embedded vSAN witness option eliminates the need for separate infrastructure or cloud-based witness, enabling the creation of a two-node vSAN cluster that consumes 38% less power than a standard three-node cluster.¹ This reduction in energy usage not only contributes to cost savings, but it also helps businesses reduce their carbon footprints in pursuit of their sustainability goals. Furthermore, its compact, lightweight design, weighing just 20 to 28.4 pounds, means less material usage and reduced carbon emissions during transportation.

In an era of rapid digital evolution, the VxRail portfolio continues to lead the way with pioneering technology that drives efficiency and simplicity. The VD-4000 is a prime example of Dell’s commitment to seamless technology integration contributing to customer success, and we are proud to receive the CRN Tech Innovators award for three consecutive years.

1 Based on internal testing, VxRail VD-4000 2-node with witness vs VxRail 3-node single socket E660F. Actual results may vary.

About the Author: Nancy Hurley

Nancy Hurley, is a highly accomplished marketing executive with over 25 years’ experience in strategic planning and implementation, product marketing, product management, messaging and branding and go to market execution. Nancy's team supports the Dell Technologies HCI portfolio, Connectivity solutions, DevOps enablement offerings and the new APEX Cloud Platform portfolio.