• Our 2020 Legacy of Good Strategic Action Plan

    • We published our original Legacy of Good Plan in 2013 to announce and outline our strategic vision and the social and environmental goals we’re committed to reach by 2020.


      This plan outlines our path, including a series of goals bound by an end date of 2020. Among them, our 10x20 Goal is our most ambitious, aggregating the work and measuring an outcome that stretches across many of our aspirations while helping demonstrate what is truly possible at the hands of our customers and partners — all of us working together. The goal hopes to demonstrate that technology creates a net positive effect in aggregate, adding 10 times the amount of “good” compared to the footprint it creates.

    • As a result of our integration with EMC in September 2016, we revised our Legacy of Good Plan through a “Dell 2020 Goal Alignment Exercise” by taking the best of the two legacy companies and updating our 2020 goals.


      Our revised Plan and goals continue to focus across our value chain, looking at the environment, our communities, our people and our supply chain, as well as progress against our 10x20 goal. We continue to report annually on our progress, our successes and our challenges.