• RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines Data Protection Software

    Dell RecoverPoint for
    Virtual Machines

    Data Protection Software

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    • Enterprise grade, hypervisor level data protection for VMware virtual machines

      RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines delivers continuous data protection for operational and disaster recovery for VMware virtual machines for quick recovery to any point in time. Quickly and easily replicate data to multiple sites or environments, including public cloud targets, for near zero recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs).

    • Meet VMware virtual machine backup SLAs every time

      Dell RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines enables quick recovery of VMware virtual machines and allows you to efficiently test, manage and orchestrate operational backup and disaster recovery operations.

      With tight integration with VMware, RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines is storage and application agnostic, with built-in automation accessible via VMware vSphere web client plug-in.

      RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines is available as part of Dell Data Protection Suite.


      • Granular protection: Protect VMware virtual machines with granular recovery to the VM level.
      • Optimize disaster recovery: Cost effective disaster recovery for virtual environments with recovery in minutes, not hours.
      • Tight integration with VMware: Use familiar VMware tools like vRealize and vSphere to manage your virtual environment.


    • Customer Story

      Rushmore Electric Power Cooperative: Continuous replication for mission-critical systems

      Rushmore Electric reduced nightly backup time from 2+ days to 6 hours and shortened daily admin time from 3 hours to 30 minutes with RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines and PowerProtect appliances.

    • RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines Resources

    • Protecting your data for a better tomorrow

      Dell Data Protection provides customers with the information they need to make a difference.

    • Customer story: PCS publishing

      U.K.-based PCS Publishing news organization streamlines and simplifies with a suite of software products that automate tasks and help increase productivity.

    • Customer story: Noble Foods

      Noble Foods, a leading supplier of fresh food brands to major retailers and consumers in the United Kingdom, leverages RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines and VxRail.

    • Services & Support

    • ProSupport for Enterprise

      Highly trained experts around the clock and around the globe to address your IT needs, minimize disruptions and maintain a high-level of productivity.

    • ProDeploy for Enterprise

      Integrate new technology into existing environments with confidence through extensive planning and validation by expert certified engineers.

    • Dell Financial Services

      Acquire technology on your terms with a variety of flexible payment solutions from Dell Financial Services.**

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RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines


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