• Connected Workspace

    • A Partner with More Than Ten Years of Connected Workspace Experience

    • For more than a decade Dell Technologies has been designing, building and refining a connected workspace for its global team of more than 100,000 remote workers. We’ve learned a lot along the way and put those lessons to work for our customers in our comprehensive range of telecommuting solutions. Here are just a few of the ways having such an experienced partner can make a huge difference:
      • Stay a step ahead of the future of work and the latest security threats.
      • Learn how to maximize leading-edge remote workforce solutions.
      • Access a broad array of innovative products and services.
      • Precisely meet your organization’s needs and goals for your connected workspace.
      • Identify work styles to custom tailor engaging user experiences.
      • Maximize productivity and teamwork in a secure high-performance digital workplace.
      • Leverage flexible financing and “as a service” solutions to make the transformation of your connected workspace happen sooner than you thought possible.
      • Supercharge your team by bringing in our planning, deployment and support experts.
      • Accelerate implementations, adoption and ROI.
      • Milk your proprietary data and corporate intelligence for every drop of competitive advantage.

    • Remote Work

      Remote workforce and collaboration solutions enable employees to work from home and keep projects on track.

    • How to Know Your Connected Workspace Needs a New Intranet

    • Structured by Departments: Put your hand up if your intranet is structured by department. Thought so. If a user hasn’t memorized the latest version the org chart, and know each team’s responsibilities, they’ll struggle to find the content and tools they need. We can show you how to organize your intranet in a way that makes sense to how people naturally get things done in a connected workspace.
      Immobile. Intranets of a certain age can only be accessed onsite or over VPN, which puts critical content out of the reach of your mobile workforce outside of business hours or on mobile devices. Talk about a productivity killer. 24/7/365 mobile accessibility is an absolute must for any connected workspace.
      It’s a Mess. If your intranet has been around for 10+ years its organizational model is likely akin to an old lady’s attic – a mess of dusty-old, repetitive, non-relevant content that frustrates users. By giving teams their own designated areas for collaboration then moving final documents to a library, you facilitate the creation, collection and reuse of organizational intelligence within the connected workspace.
      Intranets. M&A activity can often result in content spread across multiple SharePoint environments, each with their own maintenance requirements. It’s a total waste of time and resources for you and your users, but consolidation is one of those not-especially pleasant tasks that’s forever getting bumped down the to-do list. It’s also a task that evaporates when you have Dell Technologies Services transform your connected workspace with a modernized intranet.
      Intranets Part dUX. Another way that multiple intranets undermines productivity and the value of organizational intelligence is that typically each has its own user interface and way of presenting content. By consolidating content into a single location with a shared graphic style, users will be able to focus their thinking on their project and easily see differences between content without the distraction of differences in design.
      Broken Search. Overly shared, untagged, unstructured and outdated content leads to users being unable to get relevant search results. Soon they will deem the intranet’s search function to be “broken” and stop using it. Not good. There comes a time that content needs to be analyzed, restructured and consistently tagged. That time is as part of a transformation of your connected workspace’s intranet, and the people to do it are the experts of Dell Technologies Services.

    • The Workforce Innovations Behind a Connected Workspace

    • Dell Technologies is your single-source partner for all the remote work solutions you need from core to cloud.
      Dell Technologies Cloud. Cost-effective deployment and management of remote workforce services.
      VxRail. Simplified multicloud operations with a common interface.
      Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Streamlined and secured high performance.
      Unified Workspace. Comprehensive cloud-based deployment, security and support.
      SD-WAN. A compact all-in-one solution delivering best-in-class performance.
      Microsoft Office 365. Services to support every aspect of this transformative environment.

    • Flexible Payment Solutions

      Payment solutions from Dell Technologies give you multiple options to acquire the latest IT solutions in the same place and preserve your cash flow.

    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

      VDI edge to core to cloud VDI solutions empower your workforce and deliver secure, high-performance computing experiences.

    • PC as a Service

      Dell PC as a Service (PCaaS) simplifies PC lifecycle management by combining hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing into one solution.