Empowering Innovation: Inside Dell’s Collaborative Culture

The power of building solutions together.

I’m excited to share my journey at Dell Technologies, spotlighting my role as Regional Director for Global Sales Enablement, AI and Multicloud Portfolio.

These past five years have been quite an adventure—a mix of challenges, professional and personal growth and, most importantly, a lot of innovations.

At Dell Technologies, we’re all about offering our customers game-changing solutions, and Dell APEX is a crucial enabler. Dell APEX is a suite of services covering everything from storage and computing to cyber recovery and PC-as-a-service. Why is Dell APEX so valuable to our customers? Because it offers infrastructure and solutions for running public cloud workloads on-premises, in colocation facilities and at edge locations, ensuring cost savings and intrinsic security.

From Ideas to Solutions

Let’s talk about innovation. Innovation is more than just a fancy word; it’s a full process, a mindset and a business approach. In my role, innovation means devising solutions to real-world issues, enhancing efficiency for customers and adding value to our organization and business. It takes creativity, persistence and a knack for problem-solving.

At Dell Technologies, we’re dedicated to collaborating with our customers, partners and colleagues to make innovation happen. That’s why we host events like the Innovation Hackathons, which are held internally and externally. During these hackathons, team members work together to brainstorm and bring to life some fantastic ideas. For our external Innovation Hackathons, we collaborate with our partners and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to identify current challenges customers face and jointly bring the timely, tailored solutions our customers seek to market.

Engaging directly with customers is a powerful catalyst for innovation, whether it’s through dynamic events like the Innovation Hackathons held with customers at Dell Technologies World or through engagements and discussions at executive briefing centers, connecting face-to-face to discuss Dell’s ground-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground solutions and infrastructure as-a-Service solutions. These interactions give us important insights into our customers’ needs, the challenges they face and the financial benefits our solutions offer. It is not just rewarding; it’s crucial for driving innovation in my role.

Collaboration at Work: Fueling Innovation

At Dell, we aim to assist our customers in adopting a sustainable business-centric approach to taking advantage of innovation opportunities.

So, how do we ensure that innovation continues to thrive? Here are some tips that I recommend:

    • Get in the mix. Dive into hackathons, mentorship programs and community projects. You never know where the next big idea will come from.
    • Question everything. Don’t settle for the status quo. Challenge assumptions, push boundaries and explore new possibilities.
    • Stay curious. Keep up with the latest trends and tech advancements. Curiosity is the fuel for innovation.
    • Become a mentor. Throughout my career, I’ve prioritized being a mentor, as it plays a key role in encouraging self-reflection, overcoming obstacles and cultivating resilience, all key aspects to innovation. I currently mentor seven people, and it’s something I encourage all my colleagues to get involved in.

The Journey of Innovation: Embracing Change

Reflecting on my three plus decades in IT, I’ve seen technology evolve in ways I never imagined. Some of the core priorities of the business such as AI, telecom, edge computing, security, cloud computing and data management are considered emerging technologies, meaning they have not reached their full maturity yet, leaving plenty of room for innovation and growth across these areas.

As I continue diving into the world of AI, I’m so excited to continue to see the progress Dell’s cutting-edge technology designed for the generative AI era continues driving for our customers and partners. From PowerEdge servers for AI and storage for AI solutions, to APEX for generative AI and AI-capable laptops, we’re uniquely positioned to support our customers in this new era of technology.

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Ihab El Ghazzawi

About the Author: Ihab El Ghazzawi

Ihab El Ghazzawi is a Regional Director for EMEA at Dell Technologies. Based in London, England, Ihab is an evangelist, promoting the value of Dell Technologies, AI/Gen AI and APEX Multicloud ‘everything as a service’ to customers, bringing the advantages of public and private cloud together to customers across the region. Adept at crafting and delivering clear, outcome-based solution messages to mid-market, enterprise and government customers, Ihab has a distinctive set of technical and business skills to help customers navigate the digital era and generate business benefits. He is highly skilled in emerging technologies, including Edge, AI/ML and IoT, and has expertise spanning mobile, multicloud and security transformation. Ihab joined Dell Technologies from Cisco in 2020, previously working for Oracle and Sun Microsystems. He holds a B.Sc. in Physics Solid State Electronics from the American University in Cairo and an M.Sc. in Remote Sensing and Space Sciences from UCL, London. He also holds PMI PMP, ITIL, Six Sigma and PRINCE2 accreditations.