Enabling Innovation to Accelerate a Digital Future

Mindware is helping organizations drive innovation forward by leveraging consumption-based, on-premises cloud technology.

Data and technology are transforming organizations in every corner of the world. As we collectively digitize nearly every aspect of life and business, organizations rely on enabling technology infrastructure to collect, store and generate insights from data. The right IT solutions can help support data-driven digital experiences for employees and customers and run sophisticated and secure workloads such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that help build a digital future and accelerate business forward.

For organizations around the world, however, the “right” IT solutions are being redefined. New shifts in technology infrastructure are moving to flexible, secure, consumption-based IT. 

Organizations Shift to Multicloud

Mindware is a leading technology provider throughout the Middle East and Africa and a key Dell Technologies partner. It accelerates innovation for its customers, many of whom have been long-term clients. Mindware’s customers are as incredibly diverse as the multi-country region itself. Thus, Mindware approaches each relationship as a partnership to gain a deep understanding of customers’ business needs and develop tailored solutions to meet those needs.

That’s why Mindware is constantly evolving its portfolio of technology solutions, keeping customers and partners on the leading edge of IT. Increasingly, Mindware customers are seeking multicloud strategies with a mix of public and on-premises cloud capabilities. This shift helps customers scale by aligning technology with stringent security needs to meet specific business requirements. To do so, Mindware needed a solution that would provide the flexibility of a multicloud approach. Dell APEX Flex on Demand was the perfect solution.

“The Middle East and Africa are very diverse regions containing multiple countries, each of which is at a different stage of digital transformation. However, one consistent theme across all countries is the importance of data sovereignty, privacy and security. This is where Dell APEX Flex on Demand really stands out, blending security with the cloud for an ideal partner and customer solution,” shares Nicholas Argyrides, General Manager of Mindware, Gulf.

A New Consumption-based, Multicloud Era

 In addition to boosting security, organizations that use a public cloud-first approach are expanding to consumption-based multicloud models to gain cost efficiencies. That’s because consumption-based IT offers flexibility, cost control and data security while seamlessly scaling with business growth.

For many organizations, moving to a multicloud IT approach with a flexible payment structure improves business outcomes. It offers a secure and agile environment for teams to run the workloads needed to continually innovate and gain a competitive advantage. That’s why Mindware leverages Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s consumption-based, on-premise cloud model. It offers customers the flexibility to adopt a cost-effective multicloud approach both on and off-premises, helping them build a stronger, digital-first future.

“Our industry is changing. We had the PC era, then the Internet era and now we have the pay-per-use technology era, ushered in by Dell APEX Flex on Demand.” Nicholas Argyrides, General Manager of Mindware, Gulf

Customer Perspective: Benefits of Flexible IT

Mindware customers have found that Dell APEX Flex on Demand offers key benefits, such as:

    • Security by meeting customer and government requirements for data protection and security.
    • Agility by providing ready-scalability and the agility to cope with unexpected business events via fast, easy access to buffer capacity and IT expansion.
    • Cost control by eliminating the need to overprovision via predictable monthly charges. Customers pay only for what they use, even for buffer capacity usage, which caps total monthly billing at 85% usage of total installed capacity.**¹

 Around the world, the Dell APEX Flex on Demand solution helps customers modernize IT infrastructure and incorporate on-premise, cloud capabilities. In the Middle East and Africa, Mindware is helping the region transform digitally with Dell APEX Flex on Demand. The solution is helping achieve this digital transformation rapidly and effectively, creating the pathway for better economic and business outcomes, organization by organization and throughout the region.

Read the full Mindware case study here.

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** Available with Flex on Demand for Storage, Data Protection, and VxRail. Dark sites, non-metered deployments, and customers non-compliant with their contract terms are not eligible.
1 APEX Flex on Demand

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