From Small Startups to Enterprises: Dell APEX Success Stories

Discover how Dell APEX empowers businesses of all sizes to cut costs, boost productivity, and accelerate growth.

Two years after its initial announcement, Dell APEX has evolved into the world’s first and most comprehensive as-a-Service portfolio that spans from multicloud to client devices.1 While you might initially associate a “portfolio” with complex solutions tailored for large enterprises, the truth is: no matter your organization’s size, the Dell APEX portfolio can help you deliver value to your business.

In the latest episode of the “Modern Multicloud with Dell APEX” webinar, Dell Technologies experts Mitch McLeod, Ian Haynes and Prasanna Vijayakumar discussed how our existing customers—from small businesses to mid-market businesses to large enterprises—leverage Dell APEX to optimize cost, increase productivity and accelerate their business growth.

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Optimizing Costs

Organizations are struggling with uncertain IT budgets, so leaders need to ensure their spending directly drives value for the business. In the webinar, the experts discussed two sizes of customers who have saved costs by using Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS). A large healthcare enterprise needed to distribute systems to remote workers. By shipping pre-configured laptops directly to employees through PCaaS, the company saved roughly $4 million annually in IT shipping costs. In Europe, a medium-sized healthcare firm gained more control over its PC costs by reducing systems management overhead by 50% and enabling a set price per-employee per-month.

Dell APEX can also bring this predictability and time savings to a data security solution. When a large auto dealership sought protection for its data and remote workforce, we offered Dell APEX Backup Services. The solution was implemented in just half an hour and shifted the cost from CapEx to OpEx.

“We were impressed by the simplicity of the solution and its cost-effective OpEx model.”

– Simon Pope, General Manager of IT Operations, Giltrap Group

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Increasing Productivity

Many companies have a limited IT staff with limited working hours—and very often, team members are overwhelmed with just keeping the lights on in an increasingly complex landscape. Our webinar shared even more examples of Dell customers increasing organizational productivity by lessening the technology management burden on employees.

One way Dell customers increased their productivity is by limiting the time spent on low-value tasks like configuring employee laptops. With Dell APEX PCaaS, a Denmark-based manufacturing enterprise was able to shorten PC configuration time from two to three days to 25 minutes. The substantial reduction significantly eased the day-to-day operations on their IT team, enabling employees to redirect their efforts toward innovation.

“Since we started with Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service, our roles as IT technicians have never been easier.”

-Michael Zielinski Group IT Operations Manager at AVK Holding

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Another way Dell customers increase productivity with Dell APEX is to optimize IT operations. A medium-sized animation production company in Japan faced challenges with backing up their entire virtualization data infrastructure, and Dell APEX Backup Services was deployed to secure their data while optimizing operations and minimizing downtime. The time-to-resolve for backup errors was reduced from up to one month to none, and because it is a 100% SaaS offering, the related data center footprint and management burden was eliminated. Once again, their valuable IT staff are relieved from low-value, labor-intensive tasks, increasing their satisfaction and time they can spend on helping the business grow.

Accelerating Securely

Growing organizations can be more vulnerable to security threats and technological challenges. They need to bring new technology into their ecosystem, handle growing data and stay resilient against security incidents. Dell APEX helps all sizes of businesses grow without the worry of security concerns.

Prasanna, Mitch and Ian shared a story about a small consulting firm based in California that needed a growth-focused solution with ongoing threat resilience, even in the absence of dedicated IT personnel. We introduced Dell APEX Managed Device Service (MDS), an all-inclusive subscription designed to offload the day-to-day PC management responsibilities to Dell. The service provides the growing team with streamlined setup and support of the company’s PCs, while ensuring seamless business continuity as Dell experts oversee device updates and security postures.

“The positive response from the customer is the result of our ability to take on the IT management and provide a scalable solution. It gives the customer the ultimate flexibility to meet their business needs.”

-Ian Haynes

Dell APEX is making it easier for organizations of all sizes to procure employee devices, manage those devices and protect their data on SaaS applications, endpoints and hybrid workloads. Dell APEX has solutions in the portfolio to help any-sized organization today and in the future.

To learn more about the business values APEX can bring you, please watch the full webinar and dive further into ESG research paper.

1 Based on Dell analysis, April 2023

About the Author: Layla Liu

Layla Liu is a Product Marketing Manager at Dell Technologies, where she plays a pivotal role in overseeing content strategy and managing various programs within the APEX Portfolio Marketing team. Layla has worked in different positions within Dell Technologies' marketing organization over the past few years, including roles in field marketing, digital marketing, and product marketing. Before joining Dell Technologies, Layla gained valuable experience as an engineer and program manager at prominent Fortune 500 companies. Her academic achievements include an MBA from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Information from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.