PowerScale Receives Department of Defense Approved Product List Certification

Comprehensive PowerScale security features recognized with U.S. Department of Defense Approved Product List certification.

This blog is co-authored by Phillip Nordwall, Senior Principal Engineer, Product Security Engineering.

At Dell Technologies, data security is paramount. That’s why we integrated so many security-related features in the recent PowerScale OneFS 9.5 software release. As a result of these security capabilities, OneFS 9.5 and all-flash PowerScale nodes received the U.S. Department of Defense Approved Product List certification. This certification validates underlying software and hardware features and is significant not only because the U.S. federal government can build solutions with PowerScale storage, but also because all IT departments – even within non-government entities – can benefit from the advanced security features integrated into every PowerScale system.

Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise, and it is vital to ensure that IT solutions integrate the highest level of security. Since cybersecurity breaches are a constant threat, and there are no signs of attacks subsiding, organizations must utilize the most secure servers and storage in data center deployments. Dell’s IT solutions can help.

Dell received the Department of Defense (DOD) Approved Product List (APL) certification based on extensive testing by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). The requirements for DOD APL certification are so stringent that very few storage products are included on the APL. U.S. government agencies can now purchase PowerScale without any further pre-approvals. The certification is valid for Dell PowerScale all-flash nodes (F200, F600 and F900) running OneFS 9.5. The DOD APL certification ensures security of the underlying solution, and the capabilities benefit all branches of government. Furthermore, non-government IT departments can use the DOD APL certification to demonstrate their security due diligence when purchasing PowerScale, knowing the solution passed rigorous security testing.

The re-architecting of the security framework in PowerScale OneFS that our team completed in order to prepare for DISA testing enables faster and easier implementation of future security safeguards. This means PowerScale customers, including non-DOD organizations, will benefit from timely updates and enhancements to address emerging security challenges. They can expect a storage platform that evolves with ever-changing and surging security requirements, allowing IT departments to stay ahead of potential threats.

Protecting against cyberthreats is a constant challenge, and Dell Technologies is leading the way. Receiving the certification for the U.S. DOD APL is an accolade that verifies the security capabilities Dell integrates into PowerScale storage, and these security features are available to all of our customers. For more information, check out the recent recording from a Register webinar and an accompanying article where we discuss the security predictions for the coming year.

About the Author: Kevin Noreen

Kevin Noreen is a Senior Product Manager who is responsible for developing PowerScale’s security strategy and drives requirements into the secure development process. He focuses on delivering solutions targeted at meeting new government security initiatives and emerging customer security requirements. Proactive security efforts are a key part of our PowerScale strategy to stay ahead of threats before they emerge. Kevin has been at Dell for 25 years where he has held various leadership and product management roles focused on many software/hardware solutions. For the last five years, he has focused on security solutions within Dell.