Unlock Sustainability and Efficiency with Dell APEX

Adopting as-a-service models helps you embrace the circular economy, reduce waste, optimize resources and accelerate innovation.

In today’s uncertain economic landscape, it is no surprise that organizations are driven to optimize business costs. IT professionals can play a pivotal role by strategically leveraging as-a-Service models as a key part of their organizations, enabling them to contribute not only to cost efficiencies, but also to their organizations’ sustainability goals.

In an industry brief, IT Brand Pulse described how as-a-Service models, such as the ones offered by our Dell APEX portfolio of services, can help fast-track the reduction of e-waste and significantly lower costs related to sustainability management, including end-of-life equipment. All of these present challenges for IT professionals within their day-to-day activities in data centers.

By embracing as-a-Service offerings, organizations can accelerate their digital transformations and integrate sustainability into their operations. It’s a win-win scenario when moving to an as-a-Service model.

Power the Circular Economy with Dell Technologies 

Dell Technologies has set ambitious targets to minimize waste and environmental impact, keeping our products, components and materials in circulation for as long as possible. The circular economy is a lot more than just “recycling 2.0.” Rather, it’s a different way of looking at how to create value – eliminating waste and improving the productivity of the resources we do use. When companies, like ours, embrace the circular economy, we’re helping to tackle global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, waste and pollution.

Dell APEX solutions support these goals and empower companies to drive sustainability within their businesses. Dell APEX can help manage the entire lifecycle of products, including reuse and recycling services, to accelerate the circular economy.

By shifting to a subscription-based or pay-as-you-go model like the one we offer through our Dell APEX portfolio, organizations can simplify the process of acquiring and refreshing technology. Dell APEX solutions can help manage the entire process, upgrading products as needed to meet users’ business demands, while taking care of the recovery and recycling process when a product reaches end-of-life and putting those materials back into circulation.

Our solutions facilitate the reuse and recycling of product materials, significantly reducing waste and the need for new resources. Together we can contribute to the circular economy by keeping product materials in the loop longer.

Unleash Your Sustainability Potential by Minimizing Wasteful Overprovisioning

Effective planning for the future is a crucial component for organizations seeking to ensure their continued success, especially given the uncertain and unpredictable nature of the current business landscape. While it’s important to be prepared for any potential challenges that may arise, it is equally important to avoid overprovisioning to optimize your business resources and achieve your sustainability goals.

The traditional procurement cycle often requires early forecasting of IT infrastructure, which can be challenging due to uncertainties in technology advancement and business growth. As a result, organizations sometimes overestimate the number of resources needed and invest in additional resources that may not be required in the future. This can lead to wasted resources, increased energy consumption, higher carbon emissions and unnecessary use of raw materials. Proper provisioning is not only fiscally prudent, but it is also more sustainable in helping reach your goals.

Dell APEX enables organizations to adjust resource allocation based on actual usage and demands, significantly reducing energy consumption and waste. With the ability to reduce overprovisioning by up to 42%¹, organizations can minimize their environmental impact and carbon footprints while planning for a more sustainable future.

Conquer the Complexity of Managing Your End-of-life Equipment

In today’s digital age, end-of-life technology has become a growing concern for many organizations. With outdated and inefficient equipment, valuable resources and energy are being wasted in data centers. Disposing of such equipment responsibly can be a complex and costly process. It may seem easier to simply leave the equipment in place rather than deal with the headache of decommissioning it.

Dell APEX solutions can help retire assets responsibly and sustainably. We can take care of the entire decommissioning process, ensuring equipment is properly disposed of – leaving organizations with fewer waste-related challenges with which to contend. Dell APEX can help organizations save up to 53% of the time typically spent on decommissioning and retiring hardware.² With our expertise, we can help ensure outdated technology is not only properly disposed of, but it also refurbished, reused or recycled as part of our commitment to sustainability.

Our Dell APEX portfolio can help you prioritize your sustainability objectives and drive core business operations. When you focus on sustainability, you are creating efficiency that accelerates positive impact on the planet and drives your business forward.

Visit our Dell APEX Sustainability page to discover more.

1 Based on an ESG whitepaper commissioned by Dell: Economic Validation Understanding the Economic Benefits of Dell Technologies APEX, July 2022. Actual Results will vary. Full report.

2 Based on an IDC White Paper commissioned by Dell Technologies and Intel: The Business Value of APEX as a Service Solutions, August 2021. Estimates based on survey of 17 organizations using APEX as a Service Solutions, aggregated, and combined into a composite organization. Actual results may vary. Full report.

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