• Data Backup

    • The challenge of data backup in hybrid, multicloud environments

    • As computing environments become more complex and data volumes continue to grow exponentially, managing data backup has become far more difficult for IT administrators in organizations large and small.

      Business data today may reside in a wide variety of locations – from on-premises servers to virtualized environments and public or hybrid clouds. Data is more democratized, too, as users have more control over their data. The volume of data is doubling at an ever-faster rate, thanks to data-intensive applications, the Internet of Things and other intelligent data systems. Regulatory compliance is stricter and SLAs more stringent, even as IT departments face increasing pressure to reduce costs while accelerating business cycles and improving IT performance.

      Managing data backup in this scenario can be fraught with issues. That’s why more organizations are turning to powerful and industry-leading backup solutions from Dell Technologies. 

    • Back up and Recover Data with PowerProtect DD Series Appliances

      Leverage scalable, high-speed, and cloud-enabled data protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery.

    • Data Replication and Recovery with Data Protection Suite

      The Data Protection Suite is a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution for organizations of all types and sizes.

    • Discover PowerProtect Data Manager

      PowerProtect Data Manager offers software defined data protection, operational agility, and self-service backup and recovery.

    • Leading data backup solutions from Dell Technologies

    • Dell Technologies provides data backup, recovery, archiving and replication solutions that help to protect data capital from edge to core to cloud. Easy to deploy and simple to use, Dell data backup technology helps to increase availability, improve uptime and avoid data loss, while dramatically simplifying management and data backup tasks.

      Comprising data backup storage, software, appliances and data backup solutions, data protection offerings deliver significant advantages for businesses of every size.

      • Comprehensive solutions enable data backup across all environments. Dell Technologies provides protection across the continuum, from replication to snapshot to backup and archive.
      • Manage data backup in all consumption models, from on-premises, traditional infrastructures to virtualized environments and public or hybrid clouds.
      • Global management and monitoring of data copies across primary and protection storage help to simplify data backup while eliminating data silos.
      • High performance technologies yield backups that complete faster with significant reduction in bandwidth required for data backup.
      • Flexible components enable data backup technologies to be deployed as needed in physical and virtual environments, with cloud-ready capabilities for backup, replication and disaster recovery.

    • How Dell data backup solutions solve data protection challenges

    • With data backup technology from Dell Technologies, organizations can easily overcome the most complex challenges to data protection today.

      Rapid data growth. Dell scalability enables your data backup technology to scale seamlessly without disrupting operations as your data volumes continue to grow. PowerProtect DD series appliances scale up to petabytes of usable capacity with a single system.

      Highly complex environments. Dell technology easily backs up data from any environment, from on-premises servers to virtual environments and the cloud. Protect everything from laptops to the largest data center, mixing and matching components across physical and virtual environments and delivering backups of data and applications within the public cloud.

      Stricter regulatory frameworks. Proactive monitoring, real-time analytics, comprehensive reporting, global copy data oversight and consistent backups across the broadest application landscape help to simplify compliance management.

      High expectations for performance and cost containment. Organizations can realize significant cost savings by accelerating backups, reducing or eliminating the cost of tape backup, minimizing the expense of managing backups, reducing storage footprints and minimizing the network bandwidth required for data backup. Dell Technologies also helps to achieve greater performance and minimize application impact through revolutionary primary storage array integration that delivers the performance of snapshots and the functionality of full backup.

      Fragmented backup technologies. Dell Technologies provides a single, comprehensive data backup solution that eliminates the need for multiple point solutions as well as the integration issues and data silos they create.

    • Comprehensive data backup technologies

    • Dell data protection technology provides complete data backup systems that enable automation and simplify management of backup, data replication, data recovery and data migration.

      Data protection and backup appliances provide complete backup, recovery, deduplication, instant access and restore, along with cloud extensibility for disaster recovery and long-term retention to the cloud – all in a single appliance. Simple to deploy, manage and upgrade, Dell data backup appliances provide cloud readiness, search, analytics and a comprehensive view of data protection infrastructure from a single dashboard.

      Data backup software – Data Protection Suite delivers best-in-class software that can significantly accelerate backups and recovery, for everything from virtual machines to high IO/change rate OLTP and VMware workloads running on AWS. Data backup software supports deduplication backup, backup to disk, backup to tape and snapshot-based backup, with comprehensive backup monitoring, analysis and reporting.

      Data backup solutions include cyber recovery solutions that help to protect critical data, identify suspicious activity and recover data easily with automated software. Cloud data protection technology enables you to back up servers to cloud storage with advanced deduplication for long-term retention and simplifies disaster recovery and in-cloud backup. Dell Technologies also provides powerful data protection for VMware environments on-premises and in the cloud, delivering higher performance, superior deduplication and lower bandwidth usage to reduce your cost-to-protect.

    • Understand your cost-to-protect with data backup solutions

    • Your cost-to-protect (CTP) is calculation of expense for protecting your data on a monthly basis. Reducing your CTP can not only help to reduce capital and operational costs but also to solve other data protection challenges.

      Data backup solutions deliver a very low cost-to-protect. To determine your potential savings with Dell solutions, use our Dell Technologies cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator to enter your gigabytes stored, the cost of your data backup and protection solution, the number of months supported by your purchase and several other criteria.

    • FAQs about Data backup technology

    • What are Data backup solutions?
      Dell data backup technology comprises backup storage, backup software and backup solutions for cyber recovery, VMware protection and cloud backup.

      What type of data backup is supported by Dell technology?
      Dell supports backup to disk, backup to tape, de-duplication backup and snapshot-based backup.

      What’s included in Dell backup software?
      Data Protection Suite comprises several essential components:

      • PowerProtect Data Manager, software defined data protection, automation, deduplication, self-service and IT governance for physical, virtual and cloud environments.
      • Avamar, a deduplication backup software the delivers fast, daily full backups and single-step data recovery.
      • NetWorker, delivering centralized backup and recovery that bridges traditional and next-generation workloads to safeguard information across the data center.
      • Data Protection Advisor, offering unified and automated monitoring, analysis and reporting across backup and recovery environments.
      • Search, providing unified index, search and recovery capabilities that yield fast, specific and accurate results.

      Can Dell perform cloud data backup?
      Data backup solutions include multiple cloud backup capabilities, including:

      • Cloud disaster recovery, enabling backed-up VMs to be copied to public cloud environments.
      • Hybrid cloud backup that replaces tape backups with public, private or hybrid cloud storage for long-term retention.
      • Long-term retention in the cloud, with advanced deduplication that reduces the required storage footprint to make long-term retention more cost-effective.
    • Explore Data Protection

      Protect the business value of your data with industry-leading data protection solutions from Dell.

    • Back up Data with PowerProtect DP Series Appliances

      PowerProtect DP series appliances, the next generation of Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA), offer complete data backup, replication and recovery, all in one.

    • Explore PowerProtect Appliances

      PowerProtect appliances provide midsize and enterprise organizations with data backup, recovery and replication.