• Data Replication

    • Streamline data replication with Dell Technologies

    • Data replication is an essential piece of disaster recovery planning for organizations large and small. By replicating data sets to an off-site location, organizations can more easily recover data after catastrophic events like outages, natural disasters, human error or cyberattack.

      Yet even as organizations recognize the need for data replication, the cost of replicating data can be quite high and the task of managing it can be burdensome for IT teams already overwhelmed by competing priorities.

      Dell Technologies provides advanced data replication technology that reduces both the cost and complexity of replication to improve disaster recovery readiness. 

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      PowerProtect Data Manager provides software-defined data protection, deduplication, operational agility, self-service and IT governance for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

    • The challenges of data replication

    • Historically, tape backup has been the method of choice for organizations managing a disaster recovery strategy. Copies of on-premises data were transferred to tape, which was then delivered to an off-site location for secure storage.

      As data volumes continue to grow exponentially, disaster recovery through tape backup has become extraordinarily costly and difficult to manage, and data replication has replaced tape backup as the primary tool for disaster recovery.

      However, data replication is not without its challenges. Replicating backup and archiving data can consume vast amounts of storage and WAN bandwidth, significantly increasing the cost of disaster recovery operations. Managing replication of data in increasingly diverse IT environments – where data may be stored on premises, in virtualized environments, or in hybrid and multicloud environments – adds additional burden to IT administrators. And managing the specifics of compliance with a large number of ever-evolving regulatory frameworks can easily overwhelm IT teams.

    • Data replication technology from Dell Technologies

    • As a market-leading provider of data protection and backup systems, Dell Technologies offers advanced data replication solutions in DD Replicator. This software solution is provided in conjunction with PowerProtect DD series appliances, highly scalable, reliable and cloud-enabled backup appliances. DD series simplifies data backup and protection of data no matter where it resides – on-premises, in virtual environments or in the cloud – and accelerates backups by up to complete more backups in less time and provide faster, more reliable restores.

      DD Replicator offers automated, policy-based, network-efficient and encrypted data replication for disaster recovery and multi-site backup and archive consolidation. DD Replicator software solves the challenges of replication with technology that enables you to:

      • Dramatically reduce storage footprints with advanced deduplication.
      • Reduce bandwidth requirements to speed backups and reduce WAN utilization costs.
      • Take advantage of intelligent data management capabilities that include an easy-to-use interface that allows IT teams to scale data replication effortlessly without adding additional staff.
      • Streamline compliance with policy-driven management of data replication.

    • Why choose Dell data protection for data replication?

    • DD Replicator offer significant benefits for data replication that includes:

      • Flexible replication topologies such as full system mirroring, many-to-one, one-to-many, bi-directional and cascaded, enabling IT teams to meet broad disaster recovery requirements.
      • Cross-site deduplication to further reduce bandwidth requirements when multiple sites are replicating to the same destination system.
      • Efficient backup consolidation and on-premises disaster recovery.
      • Protection for sensitive data when replicating over untrusted networks.
      • Independent retention policies at source and destination.
      • Encryption of data at rest using RSA BSAFE FIPS 140-2 compliant libraries with standard 128-bit or 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) algorithms.
      • Encryption of data in flight by using standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol version 3.

    • FAQs on data replication

    • What is data replication?
      Data replication is the process of making a copy of data and storing it in a separate location to enable disaster recovery or to improve accessibility.

      What makes data replication with Dell a superior technology?
      Dell data replication technology accelerates backup, reducing the need for and cost of WAN bandwidth. Dell also provides advanced deduplication technology to reduce the footprint of disaster recovery storage, reducing storage costs.

      Why is deduplication important in data replication?
      Deduplication enables data replication processes to copy, transfer and store only unique data, helping to speed data replication and reduce data replication costs.

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