• Work from Home

    • How to make working from home work

    • These days, more people work from home than ever before. It is a massive and complex challenge for IT to select, deploy and support the technologies that remote workers require to work from home at full speed their way. What they need are tools for file access, communications, collaboration and more, all delivered with security, reliability and seamless ease. What you need is a broad array of work from home solutions and services as well as a partner with years of experience building virtual workspaces.

    • Remote Worker Solutions

      New Dell Latitude family is designed to start up, charge and connect faster to improve your work productivity.

    • Work from home services

      Accelerate employees’ productivity and collaboration from home with Dell Work from Home Solutions.

    • Flexible Payment Solutions

      Payment solutions from Dell Technologies give you multiple options to acquire the latest IT solutions in the same place and preserve your cash flow.

    • Three MUSTS of connecting your remote workforce

    • Diversity. Not only are there more people who work from home, there are more kinds of people who work from home. It’s not just the sales and service reps or the executive team anymore. Now employees in different roles from throughout the organization are finding themselves remote workers. A diversity of remote employees requires a diversity of proven remote work solutions.
      Flexibility. Regardless of who they are or what they are doing, people who work from home need flexible remote work solutions that they can easily adapt to suit their work style and empower them to produce without interruption. Today’s remote workforce has extremely high expectations of their devices and connectivity. If left unmet, motivation will wane and productivity will suffer.
      Security. Our research of remote work trends shows that across all roles, when employees who work from home were asked to describe the sensitivity of the data they regularly interact with, they reported that about 75% of it ranged between “internal and sensitive” to “critical IP or highly regulated.” Compound that with the fact that 41% of employees say they sometimes circumvent corporate security protocols in order to get their work done. Clearly, security is critical when you have users who work from home. However, it’s just as clear that if those security measures are cumbersome, they will likely bring about their own undoing.

    • Work from home services – simplified

    • If your job is to establish a virtual workspace for a newly minted remote workforce, Dell Technologies is your single-source partner for innovative solutions from core to cloud.
      Dell Technologies Cloud. Easily deploy and manage virtual desktops
      Unified Workspace. Comprehensive cloud-based deployment, security and support
      Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Streamlined and secured high performance
      SD-WAN. A compact all-in-one solution delivering best-in-class performance
      Dell PC as a Service. Hardware, software, lifecycle management and financing in one solution
      Flexible Payment Solutions. A variety of options to budget work from home strategies

    • The essential FAQ for remote workforce services

    • What’s the fastest way to get all these people now working from home up and running?
      Rapid deployment of remote work capabilities has never been more critical to business continuity. Cloud-based and comprehensive, Dell Technologies Unified Workspace gives you the ability to deploy, secure, manage and support remote devices without leaving your screen – wherever that might be. You can even dropship preconfigured laptops and desktops directly to their homes, giving them access to business apps and data as soon as they power up.

      Security? How do I keep all this remote equipment and data safe?
      Carbon Black Security Cloud reinforces laptop security for those who work from home. You can deploy it remotely to both new and existing laptops to reliably shield them from threats and enable remote employees to work at full speed.

      I need to scale my data center for a larger remote workforce how?
      With Dell Technologies Cloud, you can scale your data center to support remote workers with minimal onsite resources. You can have a unified management experience across all your clouds, even migrate on-premises workloads, or deploy new ones, to VMware Cloud on AWS or other cloud partners with no application refactoring.

      How do I guarantee critical workers high performance network access?
      SD-WAN powered by VMware enables you to steer the most critical workers clear of corporate and home network bottlenecks by giving them reliable, high-performance access to cloud services, private data centers, and SaaS-based applications.

    • Work from Home - Remote Work Solutions

      Empower employees to work from home and be productive by enabling remote workforce and collaboration solutions.

    • PC as a Service

      Dell PC as a Service (PCaaS) simplifies PC lifecycle management by combining hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing into one solution.

    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

      VDI edge to core to cloud VDI solutions empower your workforce and deliver secure, high-performance computing experiences.