• Dell EMC Data Center Power and Cooling Solutions

    • Boost your Data Center performance with Dell EMC Power and Cooling Solutions.

      Dell EMC power and cooling solutions incorporate years of comprehensive research and development to help you get the exceptional hardware performance and efficiency you need.

    • Save on capital and operational expenditures

      • Implement end-to-end enterprise solutions for the data center
      • Work toward efficiency targets and lower your power usage effectiveness (PUE) number
      • Improve data center operations

    • Compute more and consume less with innovative power and cooling solutions from Dell EMC

      Dell EMC PowerEdge servers incorporate power and cooling solutions to reduce operational costs and lower your IT environmental impact.

    • Dell EMC Fresh Air Hardware Cooling Solution

      Dell EMC Fresh Air enables you to reduce operational costs and IT environmental impact by economizing with outdoor air. It enables hardware to perform at higher temperature and humidity levels and provides flexibility in how and where you deploy your hardware.

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    • Dell EMC PowerEdge and CoolIT Systems Liquid Cooling

      Improve power efficiency, increase density, and reduce total cost of ownership with Dell EMC PowerEdge and Cool IT Systems Liquid Cooling.


    • Sustainable hardware for the environment

      Dell EMC has ENERGY STAR qualified products and multiple PowerEdge Servers listed on the EPEAT registry. Dell EMC is committed to the environment and offering customers a responsible choice when it comes to their electricity costs and sustainability goals.


    • Enhance your power and cooling management with Dell EMC

      Dell EMC provides end-to-end enterprise solutions for the data center and efficient power and cooling management. Dell EMC has years of comprehensive research and development and the environmentally sustainable hardware that will help you improve your data center operations efficiently and responsibly.

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      Power & Cooling Resources

    • PowerEdge Server power & cooling innovations

      Enhanced Dell Energy Smart Architecture reduces power consumption and include intelligent power management features.

    • Power efficiency “How To” for PowerEdge Servers

      Learn how to order and configure PowerEdge Servers for optimal power efficiency.