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AW2518H, flickering while playing games



Hi, I just bought Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor Aw2518H, I found that when I playing games the monitor will flickering as this picture. Is that driver problem or monitor problem? thank you.

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Hi @Tze Cherng,

This sounds like High-frequency noise (flicker) issue.

Overclock mainly support for motion display (Games and Videos).

When the monitor is on G-Sync mode, High- Frequency Noise may be observed with Over-clock enabled. This symptom will disappear when Overclocking is disabled.

How to check if monitor is on G-Sync mode:

  1. Enter OSD menu->Select “Others”=>Select “Display Info”
  2. Check if “Mode” shows “G-Sync” (Figure 18.)

Adjusting G-Sync Mode

Figure 18. - Adjusting G-Sync Mode

How to check if Overclocking is turned on:

  1. Press on “Menu Key “(No.5) to launch following information on screen
  2. Check “Overclock” shows “On” or “Off (Figure 19.)

Enabling Over-clock option

Figure 19. - Enabling Overclock option

How to disable Overclocking:

  • Enter OSD menu->Select “Game”=>Select “Overclock” =>Switch from “On” to “Off”
NOTE: If “Mode” shows” Normal”, it means that monitor is not on G-Sync mode
If this is not the case, then this could be related to the port or the cable, you can try with others. 

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I can't find "Overclock Option" on OSD menu?

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor AW2518H doesn't have Overclock option on OSD menu. Would you show me another way to off the overclock?  thank you. 

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