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AW3423DW, does not wake from standby

I received my AW3423DW less than a month ago and seem to be having an issue where the AW3423DW goes into standby, then I cannot wake it unless I unplug it, let it sit for a few seconds, then plug it back in. I am also aware which button is the power button and which is the menu button. I have searched the forums and online for this issue and usually it seems that people mistake the menu button for the power button. Suffice to say, when the power button doesn't work, the menu button doesn't either.

The occurrence is random, and not related to the pixel refresh cycle. I know that is happening when I see a breathing green light, though the pixel refresh appears to happen quite often and with what seems a greater frequency than 4 hours use time. I've seen the pixel refresh happen 2 times in a row within 20 minutes of each other and the first was allowed to complete before I used the AW3423DW again.

When the AW3423DW doesn't wake, sometimes the power light will be on purple (which is the color I set it to while on), sometimes the power light will be off (which I set it to when the AW3423DW is off), and sometimes it will just be stuck a random color, of which I have seen pink or teal. When any of these is happening, the power button is unresponsive. No amount of pressing it will make the AW3423DW turn back on. I have tried holding it for quite a while with no result. Moving my mouse or hitting a key will not wake it. The only way to get it to work again is to unplug, wait, plug back in.

I had a similar issue with my last monitor, a Dell S3220DGF. That monitor also would go into sleep mode, but the backlight would stay on displaying a black screen which is very possibly what's happening with the AW3423DW, there's just no backlight so the screen appears black but is still on. No amount of messing with the power button would wake it. I would need to unplug it then plug it back in and it would work fine. The occurrence was random with that monitor as well.

I have tried updating power settings in both the Command Center, as well as in Windows. I have tried updating my drivers using the ones on the Dell website as well as letting Windows find what it believes is the best driver. I have tried different ports on my video card. I am using the supplied DisplayPort cable that came with the AW3423DW plugged into an EVGA 3080 FTW3 and my AW3423DW firmware is M0B102. I do not believe the video card is the issue as I've had the same issue on an EVGA 1080ti SC2. I am currently using Windows 11 but the issue happened using Windows 10 as well.

Any help on this would be appreciated. I am worried this issue will get worse until it just no longer turns back on.

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Easy questions first.  What driver are you using for the monitor.  I have (3/14/2022) but Windows keeps trying to install

I have never needed to plug or unplug my monitor as you seem to need.  I am in just about the same situation as you regarding the monitor.  Using the DP input @ 120 Hz, RTX 3090.

My monitor goes low power when the video display is lost.  The light blinks white.  When the computer wakes up the light goes through the color changes but is not doing a pixel refresh.  It returns to steady blue while on.

There are three configurations where I do the pixel refresh.  First, during the pop-up message I push the joystick and the monitor turns black and goes through the refresh and leaves the monitor off when finished.

I also put the computer to sleep or shut it down and about 2 minutes later the pixel refresh starts.  After the same 6-7 minutes, the monitor returns to standby with the blinking white light.

When the computer comes back up, the light goes through the multiple colors on the button.

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I am currently using the driver but I have tried both. Windows has never tried to install the older driver, I manually installed it to see if it would fix the issue. Plus I have no idea what the Dell driver download tries to install. When I run the exe, nothing changes in the properties screen so I don't really know if it's doing anything. It just stays as whatever driver I had installed at the time. I've also tried browsing to the folder the zip file created but there doesn't appear to be any actual driver there.

Like you mentioned, when the monitor wakes normally the rear lights and the power button go through several colors before turning purple (which is what I have it set to.) I have actually never once seen a popup saying it was going to do a pixel refresh, and I have confirmed in my settings that the auto warning message is set to on. The only way I know it's happening is when the power light turns green while the monitor screen is black. I have never tried doing a manual pixel refresh. I also set eco mode to off to see if that would alleviate the issue but it didn't.

I originally had the refresh rate set at 175hz, but have since changed it to 144hz to see if that would change anything but that did not. I can't imagine what refresh rate would have to do with anything, but hey, it doesn't hurt to try.

Being as I don't have any other issues (loud fan, stuck or dead pixels, scratched screen) I don't really want to give up my monitor in the chance I'll get one back that's worse off. Maybe I should try to reset to factory defaults and see if that does anything.

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Verify that the monitor is plugged into the machine.
Unplug the VGA cable.
Hold the 2nd and 4th buttons (counting from left to right). These are the + and < keys.
Unplug the power cord.
While holding the + and < keys, plug in the power cord and continue to hold the keys until there is a solid green light. (The light will be green for approximately only three seconds and then will turn orange.)
Plug in the VGA and attach the monitor again.


Hope this helps you out,


Thanks for the help. but the AW3423DW only has 2 buttons, the power button and the menu joystick. I cannot try what you suggested.

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@Rongok wrote:

the AW3423DW goes into standby, then I cannot wake it unless I unplug it, let it sit for a few seconds, then plug it back in.

I had a similar issue with my last monitor, a Dell S3220DGF. That monitor also would go into sleep mode, but the backlight would stay on displaying a black screen turns back on.

While not only is your problem unusual, it's off-the-scale rare to have two separate monitors doing rare abnormal things.

Personally, I would be checking the computer and/or cables right about now.

You can also troubleshoot monitors by connecting them to a different (known working) computer and see where the problems follow.

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I agree it is definitely a strange issue. I can say I've tried different cables, both DP and HDMI, 2 different video cards, and 2 different OS' with a fresh install of each. The MSI monitor which is also connected has never once had this issue, and that has been connected for several years at this point. 

As you said it would be very unlucky to have 2 monitors having the same issue, but the 2 having the issue are both made by Dell. I will continue to troubleshoot on my end, as last night I uninstalled the Alienware Command Center (which for some reason was not a very easy process) as well as reset the monitor to factory defaults and have not had the issue occur again. I appreciate the feedback and can only hope this fixed the issue. 

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Hey I am having the same issue Mine is about 2 months old was working amazingly then one day i came home from work turn on my PC and nothing. Ive done everything I unplug it I changed all the cables. the lights will turn on but i get no picture at all so I had to call dell and have them send me a replacement the screen just completely died out of no where

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I am having the exact same issue: monitor is dark and nonresponsive, no input from the machine does anything, though the machine is on and working (and you can hear that it is in fact functional and accepting input as normal), and the monitor power button is lit --  sometimes white, sometimes a random color. The only way to get the monitor panel to come back on is to unplug the machine and plug it back in. Pressing and holding the power button or joystick do nothing.

Latest drivers; display port to the PC; monitor power plugged direct into the wall.

This happens a few times a day to me now. I'm going to have to RMA the monitor, which is too bad since it's a nice panel.

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My brother in law has the same problem with his AW3420DW.
The Monitor is not tuning back on after the pc (fAlienware Aurora R13  iirc) wakes from hybernate.
Connected via DP to a Radeon 6900 XT iirc.

My brother in law is really upset about it since he has little time to fix such issues because he works a lot an thought he could spent some quality time by buying an overly expensive AW... but AW  has been a disabpointment.

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