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Aurora R10, Smart Access Memory?


Is it possible to use Smart Access Memory with the new Aurora R10 with Ryzen 7 5800X and Radeon 6800 XT? If so, how do you enable it? I've read some people are saying you can't use this feature on this system?


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That would need to be enabled in the system bios. There the setting should be called Re-size bar support.

It requires a Ryzen 5000, 500 series chip set, RX6000 series card, Radeon 20.11.2 or newer, and Agesa version

Now considering Dell cut the lane link speed on these systems down to half the speed (X8), I would not expect to much from this.

The whole idea of PCIe 4.0 was to double the bandwidth available when compared to version 3.0, to take advantage of these kind of features to the fullest.

Alas, Dell sees it differently and does not provide PCIe 4 X 16, only 4 X 8, which is the same bandwidth wise as PCIe 3 x 16. Thank you Dell for such an awesome decision.


I can't find the option in bios to enable "above 4k decoding" or "resize bar".


If anyone figures this out... Please let me know.


Ryzen 5600x

Radeon 6800xt

B550 MoBo

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Please let me know if you figure this out... I'm in same situation. 


Has anyone tweeted or asked Alienware support? I'm curious if this has been disabled on Alienware's side, I seriously hope not.



Very few gaming titles do currently have support for this. Technically speaking this is not something new, and has been part of the PCIe design standard for a while.

I do hope Dell adds support in the bios for it, but I am not holding my breath for it.

Also, the PCIe slot running at half the link speed (X8 instead of X16) is going to hurt the performance for games that do support BAR support.


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I talked with Alienware support today about this and it's still not an option. Nor could they see any note about an upcoming BIOS update to add it. Such a shame... this is a no brainer.

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You can now. 3600mhz ram also works.


Can I confirm this is now configurable in the bios?

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