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Aurora R11, 120mm front fan bracket

Good evening, just wanted to drop in and let anyone who is interested know about my new 3D printed Alienware 120mm Front Fan Bracket I am finally reasonably confident is useful:

It fits my Alienware Aurora R11, and based on my rudimentary knowledge of the Alienware line, I THINK this would fit in an Aurora R9 to Aurora R12 unless there were changes along the way? Anyone who can confirm fitment in other R-series chassis please feel welcome to do so.

No idea if other such designs already exist, but my 15 seconds of previous fame revolved around the XPS 8940 fan bracket which seemed to be quote popular so I continued down the fan bracket path blindly. I will say that this one is a touch more fragile due to the unfortunate alignment of the mounting slots and fan mount holes.

Always interested to hear if anyone makes/gets made one of these but as with the last bracket I don't really have plans to make and sell these myself. Unfortunately Canadian shipping costs basically make it impossible to break even, never mind make any profit on low volume 3D printed one-offs. If someone wants to buy in bulk let me know but for most folks there are more affordable alternatives than me.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing how this works out for people!

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Question, are pushing or pulling air with that top fan? I can’t see how that helps when the psu it blocking the fan. I like the bracket great job. I have been wanting to add a little fan on top of my gpu / 3090 exhaust grill blowing up but haven’t found the right fan yet. Very small and tight space especially when the psu is right on top of it.


Top front fan should be intake. Certainly not ideal with the PSU obstruction . . . but it does provide some needed fresh air flow for the RAM, VRM, graphics card backplate, and AIO radiator.


I’m running it intake and yes the PSU obstructs half the fan area, but it does stand off from the fan enough it’s not a full flow stopper.

The core drive for this was to get more (any?) air moving over the backside of the 3090 graphics card where the memory is on the backside and gets super hot with intake on the bottom and the liquid cooling offering little air movement on top.

With the Noctua in there, from the front you can definitely feel the air being pulled in on the top when things spin up, so it’s definitely able to push a good deal of air, and I believe this case needs all the air it can get regardless of the graphics card.

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Fantastic ! I may consider this on my R11 as well, so your having no problems splitting it the bottom front fan with that Noctua and not getting any errors. 



Just make sure the OEM fan (Master) is connected to the 4-pin side of the PWM Y-splitter adapter cable and it should work with the Noctua (Slave) without error. The Noctua fan will be modulated based on the PWM signal for the OEM fan.

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Gotcha ! Appreciate will be order a Noctua today. 


That's right, as long as the 4 pin of the splitter is connected to the OEM fan (or a fan that doesn't throw the bios error, of which there are few) the upper fan (Noctua) would then be controlled by the same PWM signal.

One point of note is that the OEM fan is pretty high high power (over 1A, probably 3000-4000 RPM max if I recall) and the average fan header is maybe good for ~2A max before bad things happen so what I would strongly recommend NOT doing is running two or more high amperage fans at high RPM off the single header.

Most consumer grade fans are way lower amperage (and RPM) than what Dell ships in these things so they should be fine, but it's worth mentioning that there are considerations when splitting fans particularly with the stock fan being fairly high power. The CPU fan on the liquid cooled unit is even more powerful in fact.

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Just be aware your fan speed will be off in AWCC because they hard coded the fan speeds rather than scale the fan feedback signal...

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Since the Noctua fans run quiet at full rpm you could get the FLX 3-pin version and power direct from the PSU with a SATA adapter cable.

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