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Aurora R12, keeps freezing

My almost new Aurora R12 (i7 11700F, 3080 RTX) keeps freezing up.  Started a couple of weeks ago and it was just once every few days, then it went to every day, and now it's every couple of hours.  Everything just freezes up on the display, audio stops, no response from input devices (keyboard/mouse).  I am in contact with support and ran thru all their initial diagnostic steps but just throwing it out here in case anyone has experienced similar issues or has seen anyone posting similar issues.  I do see a lot of Warnings in the Event Log for the PCI Express Root Port #6 or something and it keeps logging something about it being a corrected hardware error.  Not sure if that really means anything or not.

Anyways, just posting here to see if anyone knows anything about this.


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Anything showing in Reliability Monitor as critical (red) is a problem. Those events can also lead you to the cause of BSoD or crashes.

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Since 2/10 I am seeing a lot of entries for Nahimic32svc.exe and NahimicService indicated as stopped working.  Initial research says this might be audio related?  Tech details says the faulting module path is this: C:\ProgramData\A-Volute\DellInc.AlienwareSoundCenter\Modules\ScheduledModules\DynamicSMShortcutsDaemonModule.dll

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Nahimic is audio related. I would install the latest available audio drivers directly from the Dell drivers site.

Dell uses a cut down OEM version of Nahmic, so you cannot use the "full" Nahimic drivers.

R12 audio drivers 

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My 3 month old R12 (i7 11700F, 3070 RTX) has been freezing up almost on a daily basis since I updated my BIOS to 1.1.9.  Hardware diag. shows nothing.  Dell support walked me through a restore to no avail, still freezes.  I'm thinking it's either Windows 11 or Microsoft Edge.  Mostly freezes when using the MS browser.  But same as you, everything freezes up on the display, audio, no response from input devices; control, alt, delete doesn't work.  I have no idea.....

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Is there a way to downgrade the BIOS?  Support is also telling me to reinstall, but if it didn't work for you, I'm not going to bother.


Following up to check how things are with the system after the reversal of the BIOS update. Let us know by marking the thread as an accepted solution.  If not, please post back so that we can reach a resolution..

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I downgraded to 1.1.8 about a week ago and that seems to have stabilized things.  So, I hope someone at Dell takes note since there seems to be an issue with 1.1.9 and maybe future revisions as well.

Still working okay after the downgrade?

@ Dell folks: this isn't a workable solution long-term. Please keep us informed as to why the newer firmwares are locking up our machines and what the plan is to mitigate this in future releases. We can't stay on an old firmware version forever.

Yes, still stable.  I made the same comment in my support ticket about being on a back-level version of the firmware was not an acceptable solution forever.  They said they would pass that back up the chain but who knows if it will ever be addressed.

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