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Aurora R13, CPU throttling, power limit exceeding

Running Cinebench R23 there's a few issues I'm having.


  1. It never goes beyond 4.8GHz
  2. All cores reach Core Power Limit Exceeded limits and is power limit throttled down to 4.4GHz.
  3. Computer constantly lowers power delivery from 232w down to 170w throughout the 10 min Cinebench R23 multi-core test.
  4. This happens with OC disabled in BIOS and enabled testing CL1 and CL2.



Didn't have any problems with single core.

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Community Manager

The Gamers Nexus reviews and the DCF (Dell Community Forum) threads have been discussed by the Alienware team. The Aurora R13 CPU are performing within manufacturers defined parameters.





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Hi F34R

R23 is known to murder the 12900k with a 240 or 360 AIO. 

I understand that much, but we're talking about power limits here and not thermal limits.  Comparing my 25K score to other 12900K(x) scores, and it's hitting 28000-30000 w/o power throttling.

I don’t have a 12th gen CPU but I read that Windows 11 supposedly has a thread scheduler that increases the CPU performance of Alder Lake. Is that on by default in Windows 11? Is that something you could check in the BIOS to see if it’s enabled?

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A 120mm radiator is never going to keep a 12th Gen I9 from throttling, thread wise or power wise when running under heavy load. Nothing in Windows or the BIOS will fix that. I suspect Dell will quietly drop the range or improve the cooling solution once enough warranty customers have fried there CPU's.

I'm not getting anywhere near temps needed to throttle by the specs for the 12900KF.  The 12900K(F) can draw 241w for all cores, but it's not.   

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Doing some monitoring, you can see that the system feels it has exceeded the Core Power Limit, and even though it lowers the power continuously, it still reports as the limit being exceeded.  Goes from 230+w down to 160w+/-.  Starts out with just short of 4.9GHz and shortly after testing starts it goes down to 4.2-4.3GHz for the remainder of the test.

It's not getting near the thermal limits, it's not hitting Core Thermal Throttling.

This happens when OC is disabled, enabled, enabled with OCL1/OCL2 via BIOS and was happening when OC was being controlled through AWCC.

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I guess they are intentionally throttling the CPU and its unable to reach its normal working limits.

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Why is the system being power throttled?

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Community Manager

Unknown. The team has been notified.

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