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FAQ Alienware Monitors

Dell Gaming and Alienware Monitors Support for Gaming Consoles

Dell Gaming and Alienware Monitor Frequently Asked Questions

On some Laptops, Alienware G-Sync monitors G-Sync and/or HDR may not be available when using a USB-C to DP/HDMI adapter or Dock. You must then connect directly from the PC DP/HDMI to the monitor DP/HDMI.

Windows 11 driver?
As of November 2, 2021, none of the Alienware monitors have a specific Windows 11 driver. Some have the DDM for Windows 11. All you and we can do is periodically check the specific monitor drivers page to see if a Windows 11 driver appears.

AW2210 Drivers, Documents
AW2310 Drivers, Documents
AW2518H Nvidia G-Sync, Drivers, Documents
AW2518HF AMD FreeSync, Drivers, Documents
AW2521H Nvidia G-Sync, Drivers, Documents
 AMD FreeSync & Nvidia G-Sync, Drivers, Documents
AW2521HFA AMD FreeSync & Nvidia G-Sync, Drivers, Documents
 AMD FreeSync & Nvidia G-Sync, Drivers, Documents
AW2720HF AMD FreeSync & Nvidia G-Sync, Drivers, Documents
AW2720HFA AMD FreeSync & Nvidia G-Sync, Drivers, Documents
 Nvidia G-Sync, Drivers, Documents
 Nvidia G-Sync, Drivers, Documents
AW3418HW Nvidia G-Sync, Drivers, Documents
AW3420DW Nvidia G-Sync, Drivers, Documents
AW3423DW Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate, Drivers, Documents
 Nvidia G-Sync, Drivers, Documents
AW5520QF AMD FreeSync & Nvidia G-Sync, Drivers, Documents

AW3821DW, flickering

Flickering Alienware Monitors

Policy: Alienware stuck pixel

Policy: Dell AMD FreeSync monitors and Nvidia

Policy: AW2518H and AW2518HF and video cards

120Hz, Alienware AW2518 monitors discussion

if your specific Alienware monitor does not have built-in speakers, you connect powered external speakers to the Alienware monitor Audio Line out port.

DDM (Dell Display Manager)

DDM supported models = AW2518HF, AW2521HF, AW2521HFA, AW2521HFL, AW2521HFLA, AW2720HF, AW2720HFA, AW5520QF

DDM not supported models = AW2210, AW2310, AW2518H, AW2521H, AW2721D, AW3418DW, AW3420DW, AW3423DW, AW3821DW

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