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17 R5, unable to update BIOS ("Error: Unable to load driver.")

Greetings programs. I know this topic has been posted before, but this is a new, unique situation. Ever since I bought my Alienware 17 R5 four years ago (October 2018), I've been able to successfully update the BIOS using files from the Dell website (and the BIOS' "Secure Boot" was enabled).

I haven't updated it since 1.15.0 about a year ago (December 2021) so when I tried today with 1.20.0, I got the classic pop-up "Error : Unable to load driver". The only thing that has changed since my last BIOS update was the installation of Windows 11 this Summer. As a consequence, my Dell website's "Drivers & Downloads" only offers update for "Windows 10" (which was on it when I bought it).

I welcome feedback on how to push the BIOS update. None of the other solutions on this topic work for me, to include incrementally updating the BIOS starting with 1.16.0 or 1.17.0. Thank you and happy holidays!


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Any UEFI environment can be used by Windows update to push both system and device firmware.

UEFI firmware 

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One, your pc seems to be working fine.  You may not need to do the diligent bios updates.

two, Windows update will automatically update critical bios for you.  It is probably better to leave it to Windows update.  
Many dell bios update versions fix small bugs irrelevant to you. If there is a critical version to address patch against attacks, Windows update will do it for you.


I agree with @redxps630 regrading BIOS updates. If the system is working well then best to leave the update alone. The forums are full of users that have bricked systems due to a BIOS update that went wrong. Even motherboard manufacturers such as ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte warn users to only update a BIOS in the event that it will cure a specific problem the system is having.

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Thank you!  I never thought of Windows Update being able to push BIOS updates -- I have yet to see that.


Thank you for the quick reply!  I'll trust it -- BIOS is the last thing I would want to force updates to (meaning I won't try further, here).


Dell provides an easy-to-use self-installing BIOS update utility. Critical BIOS updates are also pushed through Windows Update.

from the horse’ s mouth (Dell knowledge base article)

and reported by user experience 


Any UEFI environment can be used by Windows update to push both system and device firmware.

UEFI firmware 

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