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2 Years Product Protection Plan for Samsung Tablets

I purchased this Protection Plan back in 2020. I have been trying to open a claim to have my screen repaired since January of this year. Dell support has directed me to Samsung and Assurion on several different occasions. I have 3 day left on this protection plan, and still have gotten nowhere. When I spoke with Assurion, they said that they do not have any record of the device. I also spoke with Samsung, who had the same problem. Both Samsung and Assurion were great to work with in trying to track down my protection plan, but they could not find any record of a protection plan for the device. I have asked for a refund for the protection plan, as NO ONE can provide any support. Delll Support refuses to provide the refund, nor a solution. I am hoping someone in this community has some insight on how I can the protection plan refunded since neither Assurion nor Samsung have record of the device having a protection plan.

Please help

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