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AW3423DW, does Dell have reserve stock for RMAs?

I received my AW3423DW last week and unfortunately it does not work. I'm already trying to get this resolved via Dell support (which is a frustrating process in itself.) but want to know if Dell have separate stock for RMA replacements?

Support tried to resolve my issue by swapping my unit for a refurbished one which I objected to having not even been able to use the brand new monitor I purchased. My argument was they should provide a new replacement as it's arrived faulty.

However the agent couldn't tell me how long I'd be waiting for a replacement unit and having already waited 90+ days since ordering before I received my first (broken) display I'd like to know. So far it's not looking good at another agent from their support department tried to offer me a AW3821DW instead (which I obviously objected to since it's a completely different and inferior panel type).

Do Dell have separate stock for fulfilling RMAs or would I have to wait at the back of the several month long line (yet again)?

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Honestly, I'd just return it for a refund.  

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