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Dell warranty, returns, compensation policies

* Dell has never provided a "temporary loaner system". Every business should have a plan in place to have a backup PC ready to go

* There is no monetary or warranty extension compensation due to a backlog of parts from the manufacturer resulting in delays in service, or for order delays.

* There is no monetary compensation due to the loss of your data.
Per the Consumer Terms of Sale that you had to agree to when purchasing from Dell, Dell does not accept liability including but not limited to any liability for product not being available for use (order delays), lost wages, loss of business, loss of home, loss of vehicle, or loss of your personal data. Your personal data should have been backed up daily by you to an external drive or to a cloud based service like Dropbox to then be copied to the second backup PC which is standard practice

* Dell India returns are only permitted within 14 days of the delivery date. Dell India Consumer Terms and Conditions of Sale =
9.2 If you are an end user customer and wish to return a product that you have directly purchased from Dell in India, we are happy to offer an exchange or refund, provided the products are returned to Dell within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery.

* Dell USA returns are only permitted within the first 30 days from the Dell USA invoice date. Read the USA Return Policy which you agreed to when purchasing from Dell.



Refurbished system return policy =



"I thought I could get an exception to the 30 day return deadline"

* There are never exceptions. The purpose of creating a policy is to setup a process that is black and white which removes all need for exceptions.

* Regardless of situation, once past the original 30 days from the Dell invoice date, a return refund is never allowed.

Dell Policy concerning system and part exchanges

A new like for like system exchange is only allowed inside the first 30 days from the Dell invoice date. After that first 30 day period, a minimum of three part Service Request must be attempted. If no resolution, then a used/refurbished like for like system exchange is allowed after manager approval.

* If the computer or part exchange is setup inside the first 30 days from the original invoice date, the replacement could be New or Refurbished based entirely on available stock.

* If the computer or part exchange is setup outside the first 30 days from the original invoice date, the replacement will be Refurbished

* Refurbished computer or part have been returned to Dell, some of which were never used by a customer

* A cosmetic blemish on the outside chassis does not affect PC performance and is therefore acceptable per Dell policy. Dell will not issue another exchange over this

* Note, per the purchased warranty restrictions, Dell must make three service attempts to correct the issue before any system exchange is discussed

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