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Inspiron 13z 13" SWITCH lids

Hey Customer Care team,

How come you're not selling SWITCH lids for the 13" model? I see you have many colors and textures for other sizes, but I can't see anything for the 13" model. Am I not searching right? Is it available anywhere? I just bought a new Inspiron 13z for my girlfriend and I'd love to order her a red lid (her favorite color:emotion-1:)

Thanks, and have a great weekend,

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5 Tungsten

Hello Jonathan,

The lids are unavailable in However you can get the lids from Dell Spare Parts (US Customers only). The following is the part numbers for the Red Switchable Lid for Inspiron 13z: 4N2FX.

You may contact Dell Spare Parts and order any of the above mentioned lid. Contact number for Dell Spare Parts sales team # 1-800-357-3355 (US Customers only).

Please write back for further questions.

5 Tungsten

Hello Jonathan , 

Unfortunately we have not received feedback from you on this topic. If you need continued support, please write back. Other community members who need assistance please start your own topic in a new thread.

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