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Purolator tracking invalid

I'll keep this short and sweet:

- ordered a laptop Nov 20

- dell order status confirmed it shipped out Nov 22, with projected delivery Nov 29

- Purolator tracking number was provided, but status is invalid

- dell tracking showed a delivery attempt was made today, Nov 29 (I was not at home, was at work)

- Purolator tracking still says the tracking number is invalid

I don't know how Dell's tracking shows a delivery was attempted, but Purolator's own website does not recognize the tracking number. I don't know which information is correct and who to follow up with. Purolator did not leave any message or note about where to pickup my package. 

Can someone at Dell please look into this and advise?? I have already paid for the laptop and don't know where it is.





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I got the same situation here.

- I ordered a monitor on Nov 23.

- Dell email me that the monitor was shipped on Nov 26.

- However the tracking number (Purolator) they provided is invalid in Purolator website.  I even called the Purolator customer service (wait for over 45 min), but they still cannot figure out what is that tracking number.....

- I still not receive the monitor, but can wait for couple more day.

- seems Dell/Purolator shipping/tracking system not very good.



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Update, partially resolved. After posting this message I decided to check my tracking number at Purolator International website instead, and it came up there. Had to call them directly to arrange for pickup. Arranged for tomorrow so not completely resolved, but at least Purolator International had a record of my package and the first attempted delivery. 

In the end, Dell's website initially directed me to the normal Purolator Canada website which gave me the invalid status. Still a poor experience, but will update assuming my delivery is made tomorrow as promised.

TL,DR; check your tracking number with Purolator International, you might get a better update there.

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I have the same issue as well.  Purolator tracking isn't showing anything.  Order showed shipped two weeks ago with an expected deliver date 10 days ago.  I opened a support ticket, but have not received any communication from Dell.  My credit card was billed two full weeks ago. 

I'm now wondering if I should open a dispute through my credit card?

Dells customer service is brutal, I wouldn't be so angry if they would answer.

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