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S2421HN, very minor problem could not be solved

Dell S2421HN

A very, very minor problem could not be solved. I bought a Dell monitor last month. After opening and checking the monitor on the first day, I put it in its box because I needed a large table. 2 weeks later my desk came. The day after I put the monitor on the table, I noticed that the letter L in its logo was missing. I contacted the Dell support team, especially since the part where the letter L is missing is both hollow and glossy black and very conspicuous. Dell officials said that the seller can resolve the issue and that the seller should contact Dell. Since I bought the monitor from big seller in Turkey. I reported the situation to the authorities of this seller. After about 15 days, almost 20 e-mails and phone calls, no solution could be produced. However, the Dell support team said that it was a very minor issue and they could fix it anyway. I contacted with seller and told them to call Dell many times. On the other hand, this seller told me that I had to contact the Dell support team because the 14-day period had passed. I said, "Dell wants you to call, not mine. It will provide you with the necessary information and provide a solution." This seller supposedly called Dell and the result was that you can return the monitor. I don't want to return the monitor. I just want you to send a simple logo, a sticker. I don't even want change. If I could get it for the same price, I would return it. A company cannot even stand behind a logo with a brand and identity. What's the point of a 3-year warranty if you can't find a solution to even a simple problem? Seller does not manufacture it on its own and may not stand behind the product. But you do not even stand behind your own brand and the goods you produce. Obviously, there will be no solution to a more serious problem. Also, you said an unresolved issue was completed. If you can say that a simple task that you could not handle has been completed, woe to your solution process.

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Update = Resolved. After verifying purchased warranty and completing troubleshooting, a DELL-Cares agent setup a refurbished monitor exchange.

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Your choices are rather simple:

1) Try and get either the Reseller or Dell to send you a Dell Logo so you can do it yourself.

2) If that is an unacceptable solution because you are unhappy with the product for a cosmetic defect, then consider returning the item for a full refund and wait for another sale. They are at least giving you that opportunity. You may want to consider that as the lesser of the two.




I recommend that you read carefully what I wrote first. I opened a ticket and contacted at least 20 times on this issue.

1. The seller has already contacted Dell. I've also contacted Dell multiple times.

2. I don't want change anyway. I asked them to send logo and they couldn't even provide that.

3. If there is no logo, Dell or the seller could have contacted me. But instead, the ticket was closed without any action.

I don't want change I just want them to send logo. I think a simple logo can also be provided.

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Then you will need to wait for the Logo and hopefully it arrives. If that doesn't materialize then you will have to live with the cosmetic defect.


I can understand your frustration. In the event that you cannot get a logo from Dell and do not want to return the monitor would any of the following sites help? That would be Etsy here, eBay here, or more at eBay here. I realize it is not a perfect solution but a possible alternative. Good luck in your quest for a logo.

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Frustrating, but they did offer solutions. Just not the solution you prefer.

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No one at Dell can send out the logo or the plastic monitor bezel which has the logo on it. All Dell can do is exchange the S2421HN for another S2421HN.

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No need to send the logo. Just send the missing letter L.

But what is dell doing? dell does not respond to the ticket in any way, and dell closes the ticket as if the problem has been solved. Does not exchange the product, does not send the missing letter L, does not try to solve the problem with the seller. So what does dell do?

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"Just send the missing letter L."
We cannot. As I stated above, "All Dell can do is exchange the S2421HN for another S2421HN.".

Reply to the private messages sent to you by our agents.


If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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Yes, you are taking the new monitor from me and replacing it with a used monitor. 

1. You cannot send a missing letter. You prefer to send a used monitor instead.

2. You said "outside 30 days, and we can only offer used/refurbished exchange monitor."  This 30 days delay happened because of you, not me. You waited for 15 days for the seller to call you. You asked hundreds of unnecessary questions for 15 days and I answered hundreds of emails. And you prefer to send me a used monitor saying that 30 days have passed.

I do not prefer a used monitor over the new monitor I am using. Tell me how to remove the whole logo without damaging the monitor.

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