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SR no response after 5 days

I've been trying to get in contact with support for a week now over this issue.

My problem is I ordered two full Aurora R12 systems, including the 27" 244hz monitor on July 19th, 2021 which included rewards in the amount of $253.08. I waited until they all applied to my account to purchase the second system a monitor. I was in such a hurry when I purchased, as the second monitor was for my son's system I got for his 18th birthday, that I didn't see what the total was that would be applied in terms of the rewards amount or my financing transactions. And I had no plans on ordering anything else from Dell for at least a year so I had not looked at my rewards balance since.

Last week I went to buy a new PC for myself and noticed that $80.72 expired in rewards that would have gone toward my $400+ monitor purchase that was on August 12th. That would have lowered the monitor purchase by close to 19% if the entire $253.08 had been applied correctly, instead of just $172.36. I'm still outraged about something that happened on an onsite support experience I had where the tech put 200X thermal paste on the CPU than needed to be without getting anything for the downtime of having to send the system in for complete repair. If I don't hear something back by the weekend I'm making a complaint to agencies. Below is what got me so outraged by the onsite glorified part swapper. 

dell thermal paste on site.jpg

Screen shot of my reward balance history,

showing what expired after ordering a monitor costing well over the total rewards that were available. 




As well as the invoice showing the lesser amount of $172.36 when the entire 253.08 should have applied.


dell monitor purchase 2021 info redacted.png


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Thank you for writing to us here about the reward points. I did check the case logs and see that the expiry status of the point has already been shared with you. The teams have also offered a $50 coupon in this case as the expired points cannot be reinstated.

Dell Rewards FAQ
"Rewards expire 90 days from the issue date. Rewards that have expired will be deducted from your total Rewards balance. Expiration date can be found by visiting your My Account and clicking “view rewards details.” Expiration dates cannot be extended.


Request you to share your consent on the same so that the same can be initiated.


For the tech issue I'll connect you to tech support.



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I'm not interested in half measures. If I do not get the full amount, I will just request my current order for a 3k desktop be canceled or returned if it gets sent before hearing back. I am not interested in doing business with companies who would offer rewards but not actually apply them all when requested, not to mention who employ contracts with "field technicians" who someone with a single computer repair class would run circles around in terms of knowledge. I have already typed out a full complaint for agencies. Just waiting for me to copy and paste the complaints on their respective websites. I'm not bending on this as that full amount should have come off the 8/12/21 purchase without question. I shouldn't have had to double check the receipt when I knew I had 253.08 in rewards to spend. Should have been fully applied at the time of requesting to USE the rewards.

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I've waited roughly 2 days since my last message. If I do not receive a response by the time I get up for work at 2pm Eastern time I will be canceling the order for my Black Friday purchase and I won't be buying anything else from Dell, period. I have a $6,500 credit limit and have purchased over a dozen PC's over the years, including 2 full Alienware R12's with 27inch 240hz AW monitors just last year with the 4-year accidental warranty, two PS4's, a full projection system with electric screen, and a multitude of accessories over the years. The account can sit dormant for all I care if this is how Dell conducts business with repeat clients. I'll take my business over to a more deserving company for my next purchase. 

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