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Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced

I bought a new XPS 13 in August and it’s now a brick that won’t turn on. Dell has been giving me the run around and in some instances blatantly lying to me about my laptop getting fixed. Conveniently they won’t offer me a replacement unless the part is more than 20 days out so every few days they email me that the part timeline has moved back but it always seems to fall just before that 20 day period. Dell was recommended by Harvard to all employees and students which is ridiculous. I’ve emailed them to say this is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.

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I'm not expecting much from anyone at dell, much less Harvard. If you can do your own repairs, make sure you do. I can strip pc's down in a matter of minutes if I have a technical manual to go over for 10 minutes before hand.. I had two motherboard replacements in the same model Alienware systems to do back in the summer, this is what the tech did with thermal paste on the CPU... dell thermal paste on site.jpg

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