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Lin_tape tape device driver, unable to load VTL tapes

I've setup a RHEL 8.6 linux server to interact with a TS3500-L53 VTL on our Data Domain with IBM-LTO-5. The IBM tape device driver needed to read these tapes and changer has several parts called, lin_tape, lin_taped and itdt.

I've installed these onto the RHEL 8 server, the server is showing the "special names" for the changer and tapes in the /dev directory, and via the ITDT utility I'm able to scan all the devices and open one of the tapes. Once the tape is open however I'm unable to load any tapes. Within the ITDT utility when I send the command to load a tape it returns the following:

| Loading tape... |
| Load Tape Cartridge FAILED |
| |
| Errno: 123 No medium found |
| |
| Information Field Valid Bit-------0 |
| Error Code------------------------0x70 |
| Segment Number--------------------0x0 |
| File Mark Detected Bit------------0 |
| End Of Medium Bit-----------------0 |
| Illegal Length Indicator Bit------0 |
| Sense Key/ASC/ASCQ----------------0x02/0x3A/0x00 |
| Information Bytes-----------------0 (00000000h) |
| Additional Sense Length-----------0x0A |
| Command Specific Information------0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 |
| Field Replaceable Unit Code-------0x0 |
| Sense Key Specific Valid Bit------0 |
| Sense Data, Length 96


The VTL does have tapes created and they have read/write state.

I restarted our data domain for an unrelated reason the other day, after which the server was able to load tapes, but by the following morning the issue had returned. I tried restarting the data domain again, just to see if it would work, but it did not.

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