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What's Smart Scale?

Smart Scale for PowerProtect Appliances was recently released. The purpose of smart scale is really about simplifying capacity management across multiple PowerProtect DD systems, but it's more than just management and reporting. While it includes analytics, insights, and recommendations around capacity needs and placement, the real value is the system pooling and management it provides.  Smart Scale leverages a DD Namespace VM (DDNVM) that's deployed from the PowerProtect DD Management Center UI.


This allows your backup applications to simply select a system pool, when backup policies are created, rather than specifying a specific DDR. Smart Scale will then manage the physical location that data is stored reducing the time you have to spend as a backup admin worrying about load balancing and capacity management.


Currently Smart Scale is supported on DD9900, DD9400 and DD6900 models and DDOS 7.8 and higher.


For a deeper dive into Smart Scale for PowerProtect Appliances, check out the Free Concepts course HERE.


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Thank you, Rob. Upon successful completion of this course, learners should be able to:

 Analyze and evaluate Smart Scale integration with multiple PowerProtect DD series appliances using DDMC.
 Recognize, plan, and apply Smart Scale components to an environment with multiple PowerProtect DD systems.


Happy Learning! 

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As a follow up, if you've taken the Smart Scale Concepts course and are ready to get Smart Scale set up in your environment the Smart Scale for PowerProtect Appliances Implementation course has got you covered.

This course will teach you how to install and configure all the necessary components to get Smart Scale setup in your environment. 


Dell Technologies

Rounding out the set of courses for Smart Scale, we just released the Smart Scale for PowerProtect Appliances Administration course. 


This course will take you though all the essential data protection operations using Smart Scale in a PowerProtect DD environment, including:

  • Using Smart Scale in backup operations
  • Disaster Recovery considerations with Smart Scale

Happy learning!


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