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As Windows 10 update packages are installed do all "windows" directory files need to be decrypted or "open" at that time ?

Recently heard all files on a hard drive (single HDD or SSD) need to be decrypted when Windows 10 updates are installed. Further reading seems to point to the Windows10 releases needing to have full access to the "system" files.   We use Dell DDPE across all our networked computers and if true, this would complicate our update scheduling.

In your labs what has Dell experienced with Data Protection | Encryption in relations to Windows10 releases?  Do you have any whitepaper or Best Business Practice (BBP) recommendation(s?)


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Please look at this KB article for Windows 10 update Best Practices:

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Hi, according to my experience with the window 10. You will not need any type of encryption after updating window 10. As it is configured and encrypted automatically. So just update it properly all the remaining things will be done itself. Because I have updated my laptop window 10 so many time and haven't saw this type of anything.

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