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OME 1.3 and OpenManage Mobile 1.0 Released!

We’re happy to announce the release of OpenManage Essentials v1.3 and OpenManage Mobile v1.0.

OME continues to expand its ever growing list of supported devices and architecture improvements in v1.3.  It is now a native 64 bit application with upgrade and migration support from previous installations in 64 bits and 32 bits OSes respectively.  Please visit for more details on support matrix and installation/upgrade process as well as the download.

For those customers who want to interface to OME, there are a new set of REST interfaces that can be used to retrieve device and health data that can be useful for integrating with other tools or home grown reporting.  More information is on the documentation page here.

And we are very excited to announce our first mobile product, OpenManage Mobile.  It is an Android client that can monitor your systems via your OME 1.3 server or by directly associating it to your iDRACs.  You can download it from the Google Play store today.

OME v1.3 also provides some integration with Dell AppAssure backup software to allow customer backing up their entire stack of HW, OS and software with one single process.  See this whitepaper for more information.

A compatible version of SupportAssist v1.3 is also now shipping.  See the Support Assist site for additional new features.  There is support for new Windows 2012 Server configurations as well as new devices. 

 For additional information review the product README file and be sure to visit the following DellTechCenter sites:

Many thanks to our OME users, we really appreciate your support.

-OME Team


What is New in OME 1.3?

  • Support for OpenManage Mobile — An Android application that allows you to remotely connect to one or more OpenManage Essentials consoles and iDRACs.
  • Addition of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 as a supported operating system for the management station.
  • Addition of a device group for Dell NAS appliances in the device tree.
  • Availability of Representational State Transfer (REST) interfaces that allow applications to retrieve device groups and device inventory information, alert information, and perform basic tasks.
  • Ability to display alert pop-up notifications on the OpenManage Essentials console.
  • Support for Dell SonicWALL firewall devices.
  • Support for Dell PowerConnect W-Series devices.
  • Support for Dell PowerEdge VRTX chassis with high availability (HA) support.
  • Support for Brocade Fibre Channel switches.
  • Support for Dell OEM servers.
  • Classification of Dell PowerVault MD NX3500 and Dell EqualLogic FS7500 NAS devices with Fluid File System (FluidFS) agent under Storage Devices → Dell NAS Appliances in the device tree.
  • Enhanced error messaging for system update tasks.
  • Enhanced inventory information for Dell Compellent devices.
  • Support for the installation of OpenManage Essentials in 64-bit operating systems only.
  • A number of bug fixes and performance improvements.


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