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DELL 9200 Dead - Steady flashing lights - 2 years old

Never had this type of problem before. I went to work on the computer this morning, shook the mouse as I always do to wake up the machine...and its dead. The box has a steady flashing light, and it would not even power down if I held the button in. I removed the AC plug, held the button (to discharge ??) waited about 10 minutes, plugged in teh AC cord, hit the button, and same thing. No beeps . no sounds. Just a flashing light.
After some seraches (via my other machines) this sounds like a power supply or a motherboard problem.
If its a power supply (how do I tell??) , how daunting is a replacement? I've added boards, memory,  etc but that's it. Is this s simple swap, or do I need to completely dis-assemble the machine?
If its the motherboard (how do I tell??) , then this for sure is a non-starter for me. I assume this means a complete teardown of the machine, including some skills in removing the chip itself, which I know I would damage, so I would need to bring the computer in for even more $$$$. I'd be better off just buying a new computer system unit give the cost of a new board and labour to replacement it. Yes this quad-core chip and 3 GB of memory is ashame to waste!!
I could swallow that pill if this were an old machine, But this machine was bought in August 2007. Two years ago. It should not be failing. I am out of warranty by a year, so no options there. I have bought over dozen Dell machines to date - I buy Dell for quality. I read a nasty rumour (while goggling this issue this morning) that Dell started using some cheaper capacitors in recent years which are known to fail early and can lead to this type of problem. If this is true, I am totally done with Dell. A two year old machine should not fail like this.
Any advice??
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What color is the flashing power light?

What color are the Diagnostic Lights?

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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Thanks for those links.

I will check the Diagnostic lights tonight

Re the Power light, its a yellow/amber, and per the link it is described as follows: "If the power light is blinking amber, the computer is receiving electrical power, but an internal power problem might exist. Ensure that the voltage selection switch is set to match the AC power at your location (if applicable).". This is not all that helpful...I have certainly not touched a voltage selection switch. Does an 'internal power problem" mean "bad power supply" ??


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Per the DELL documentation, the power supply is 375 W, 1220 BTU/hr Heat dissapation,  0 to 135 V and 180 to 265 V at 50/60 Hz with 3-V CR2032 lithium coin cell backup battery. The power supply has 12 connectors per

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

If I go with an exact DELL replacement, how do I find out the Dell part # ?? And what link do I use to order it? I could not find either in navigating through the DELL.CA (or US) web sites where I could actaully order the part.

If I go with non-DELL replacement (as most searches have recommended given the quality of the original), then:
a) how can I ensure it will phyiscally fit?
b) how can I ensrue it has the same 12 connectors?
c) where could I order it from (canadian site preferred re less hassle and faster delivery)

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The Dimension 9200, does not use a Dell proprietary power supply, you can install most standard ATX power supplies with a 24-pin or 20+4-pin main motherboard power connector and this can be purchased from most local, or online computer stores.

The 9200 has an open back panel, a power supply with or without the on/off switch can be installed.

Note: You need a power supply, with six SATA power connectors.

You can also, buy a Dell OEM [Dell P/N KH624] 375w refurbished power supply from HERE




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Many thanks.

That link describes the power supply as follows

  • 1 x 24pin
  • 1 x 4 pin motherboard connector
  • 1 x floppy power connector
  • 1 x 6 pin video card power connector
  • 1 x IDE optical power connector
  • 6 x SATA power connector
  • 11 in total

The Dell documentation 

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


  • a P1 24 pin conenctor
  • a P2 4 pin connector ( 2x2 square)
  • a P7 4-pin connetor (1x4)
  • a P4 6 pin connector (2x3 round)
  • a P10/PCI Express 4-pin connector (1x4 round )
  • a P12 6 pin connector ( 2 x 3 square)
  • six 5-pin connectors ( P3,P5, P8, P9,P13,P14)
  • 12 in total
Why would one be missing??
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The diagnostic lights are all OFF. They do not flash or blink all all. I cannot even see them.


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Why would one be missing??

Not all revisions of the power supply have the P4 6 pin connector.

You mentioned bad caps in your first post, I've had 2 of my D9200's fail due to blown caps, both were under 30 months old.

It's now the first thing I look for, any buldging or leakage means the board is shot.

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I have combined various  Dell 9200 docs into single ready reference page (  and have two questions:

1) On my Dell, I can physically trace where all the connnectors go ( in prep for a replacement) - I identified everything, but, I cannot confirm P2 and P4.   I think P2 might be in position 20 (not sure), but cannot find where P4 is connected to . Does this mean, per note above, its quite possible my machine does not have a P4 connector which explains why I cannot locate it ?? If it did have a P4, where on the motherboard would it connect to?

2) For a replacement, I am toying with a 600W modular type power supply like this one from ULTRA,
Looks like most everything will line up fine ( and many just not needed), but :

a) again, its still confusing re P2 and P4. The  Dell P2 is 4 pin... which looks identical to the ULTRA one labels P4 MB... is that correct?

b) Dell P4 is a 6 pin,.. cant find a match for this on the ULTRA< but I guess its a non-issue if its not in use.

c) the ULTRA takes up to 10 SATA connections. I only need three so no issue there. but I am curious how this works given therw are only two modular connectors ofnthe unit and each cable only holda 2 or 3 each. Are the cables daisy chained (to get 5 devices on each connector)?



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Disconnect the ide cable from the optical drive and let the power cable be connected, when you get the flashing amber led on the power button on the tower press the eject button on the optical drive and if it eject the power supply is working fine and if it does not then its not, to check the motherboard, remove all the memory from the system and turn on the system and if you hear beeps then issue shouldn't be with the motherboard but still can remove all the pci/pcie card and check.



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