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Dell Optiplex GX270 - Bad Capacitors / Bulging Capacitors - Is there a recall coming?

I've been having the "bulging capacitor" problem a lot as of late on several systems here (25% of my GX270 systems so far).
Also, after doing some seems that this is quite a common problem.  However, the GX270's specifically have an issue where the capacitors were overfilled (in addition to the 'other' common problems with bad capacitors).  Some have said that it is their "early ordered" GX270 systems with this problem.. There may be some truth to this, but I don't have enough systems on site to fairly diagnose this as being the case (checking with other offices now, though, I'm sure some of them will know).
The technician who just replaced a few motherboards here due to the [apparently well known] issue of bulging capacitors on the GX270 told me that a lot of companies have demanded their entire fleet of 270's be replaced, and they've done it.  (and not only has Dell done it, Dell has sent contractors out to the site to do the work of the swap outs).  
He told me he has "heard through the grapevine" that Dell will be issuing a recall on the GX270 systems that are affect in the next month or two.  Is there any truth to this?  Is there an "easy" way to figure out which systems specifically are effected?
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There is not going to be a  recall on the GX270 motherboards. You can call the number below to have them replace the motherboard if you are having a problem and need replacements.




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dell-jesse, what information is this based off of?    
I just spoke with some others in other offices.....  i now know that Dell only issues proactive field replacements if 10% of systems have already gone bad... when this issue was last examined, we found that the number was around 3% of systems... now that we've asked everyone for their numbers, the number is probably going to be much higher (certain offices were overlooked because they aren't tracked in the same manner that the 3% number came from)... we're putting together our lists now (checking them twice)... pretty sure we'll be way above 10%....  a few questions... is the 10% number needed based off of all gx270 model systems, all 270 systems in a particular location, or all 270 systems off of the same order?  Some things on the net have turned up the fact that this seems to happe on "early ordered" 270 systems...  The pattern of how this has happened on our systems might also indicate this.  If this is the case, we may never hit the 10% mark because the latter half of our systems are OK because they were ordered later (even though we could actually be having a 60% failure rate in some offices).. 

Thats the information that I received from a Global Technical Analyst. That is all the information that he had for me. I am trying to get more information on this issue. You may have more current information on what is going on with the gx270's. I work mainly in the consumer area of Dell. I will let you know if I hear any other information.

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If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session. Currently only available in the USA.

ok sounds good..


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same here. we had about 80 SX270's replaced last year and are now seeing some GX270/GX280 have the same thing. i asked for a fleet replacement on the SX270's and was told no.

five0 see this thread:

its about the poweredge 400sc, but it has the same motherboard capacitor issue that the 270 is having... 

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We are seeing many GX270 mother boards being replaced today.  Anyone else having a current issue with the GX270?
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Had 2 sx270 blow capacitors last week. Bought 6 others the same time we bought those 2, they're all leaking/bulging.
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We purchased about 200 of these systems about a year ago.  We are now seeing from one to three failures of the motherboards a week (bulging capacitors).  Thank goodness we purchased gold support or we would be ...  I have three on my desk right now.
Any pattern (rev, serial number...) to this or are all bad?
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