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Dell Precision T3500 Shutdown due to thermal event

Hello, my dell precision t3500 started showing symptoms of bad Heatsink since december 2015.  It has been restarting several times and showing "Previous shutdown due to thermal event.".  In the first few weeks it used to shutdown like twice a week. Currently i get a lot of shutdowns. I can't use my computer for 3 hours, it shuts down at least once every single hour. 

What i've done so far....(My solutions)

I rubbed off the heat sink compound between the processor and heatsink and applied new heatsink compound. This didn't help.  The computer was still shutting down due to thermal events.

I read on a forum where someone was having a shutdown problem just like me and a dell expert advised him to upgrade to the latest bios. I was running the latest bios at the instant when my computer started shutting down due to cpu excessive temperature. I tried downgrading the bios from A17 to A14, now the computer would stay for 3-5 hours without shutting down. Downgrading didn't help either.  I know that the old bios had a greater temperature threshold and that's the reason for the computer staying longer before detecting a excessive cpu temperature than in the A17 bios version. Ok, so processor upgrade/downgrade didn't help either.

i wen't out to a computer store and bought a new Heatsink for my dell precision t3500, i removed the old HeatSink and replaced it with the new one. The computer booted just fine, stayed up for 3 hours and i was shocked to see a sudden shutdown, then i turned on my computer  to see the same same message "Previous shutdown due to thermal Event". So replacing the HeatSink didn't help. Before replacing the heatsink i made sure the fan with super clean with no dust.

What should i do next ? what might be a possible solution ? Thanks.

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What's the actual full error when the thermal event occurs?  Usually there are multiple temp sensors on a machine - does error say which one is causing thermal event?

I'd see what all temps actually are and monitor them.  What does HWMonitor or HWiNFO (Sensors window) say temps are when system is idle and under load? 

What CPU are you using?  Thermal shutdown threshold within a CPU is often around 100C, which usually is pretty hard to hit for a desktop (as opposed to a laptop). 

What heatsink compound are you using?  Is it making good contact but thinly applied?  You can check this by removing the heatsink - compound should be pressed out and thin enough to "see through it' evenly across surface.  A thick application has poor thermal properties because thermal compounds are much poorer conductors of heat (~8 W/mK) than copper (~400 W/mK) or aluminum (~200 W/mK).

I'd also check for dust/blockage on case air intakes and fans (including the PSU fan) - this can cause poor heat removal from the case and resulting heat buildup.

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Same situation here my PC is shutdown every 15-20 min , sometime after hour. I check setup log. Error is " CPU Chipset temperature" Out of Rang

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See the temperature at ideal situation . I did blour to remove dust . Fans are working fine. Heat sink screw are solded so can't remove.

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