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Dell Vostro 460 - standard ATX motherboard?


I recently upgraded my Vostro 460 with a GTX 560-ti, and while it runs great, it runs REALLY freakin hot (sustained 90 degrees C while gaming).  I modded the case to add a 120 mm intake fan on the side directly into the card, but it still runs about 85 degrees.

I figure that's the best I can do with the minitower case, so I want to buy a new mid/full tower and move everything over.

Can someone please verify if the motherboard in the Vostro 460 is standard ATX and thus everything is moveable to a new case?  Also I know back in the day Dell used proprietary mobo designs with screw locations that aren't standard, but that they changed recently.  Hopefully this is true so even if the mobo size is standard, the screw location won't be messed up.

Thanks in advance!

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It appears to be standard microATX -- you should be able to move it into a standard case.

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I can't find a picture of the motherboard, nor a service manual.

It looks like micro-ATX and it has a removable IO shield at the back. iif the front panel headers are standard 2x5, I'd  think it's standard. (But use that advice at your own risk.)

Some Dells are proprietary, like the old "clamshell" machines, others not so. Some even use OEM variants of standard micro-ATX mainboards.

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Hi rdunnill-

Thanks for the help!  I was able to find this image of the mobo, but I have no idea how to tell lol -- maybe it will help you?  Thanks again!

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1. Front I/O panel connector

2. Front panel USB connector (F_USB1)

3. Front panel USB connector (F_USB3)

4. CMOS battery

5. Password Reset Jumper (PSWD1)

6. Front panel USB connector (F_USB2)

7. Front panel USB connector (F_USB4)

8. S/PDIF connector (SPDIF_OUT2)

9. PCI Express x1 card slot (3)

10. PCI Express x16 card slot (PCI-E1_16)

11. Audio connectors

12. One LAN and Two USB ports

13. VGA connector

14. Two USB ports and One eSATA port

15. HDMI connector

16. S/PDIF connector

17. System Fan Connector

18. Power connector (PWR2)

19. Processor socket

20. Processor fan connector (CPU_FAN1)

21. Memory module connector (DIMM3)

22. Memory module connector (DIMM1)

23. Memory module connector (DIMM4)

24. Memory module connector (DIMM2)

25. Main power connector (PWR1)

26. CMOS Reset Jumper (CLR_CRST)

27. SATA connector (SATA0, SATA1, SATA2, SATA3)

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It appears to be standard microATX -- you should be able to move it into a standard case.

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I probably won't be able to anwer your question.. but i'm willing to ask one..

How did you get your GTX 580-ti to work on a Dell-vostro 460 desktop?

I have just bought a Nvidia Geforce 560 and it won't work. I have plugged it into the computer (of course) and plugged in ONE powercable since I only have ONE for some reason :/

I'm just wondering if you have TWO or if you did something special, Like upgrading your computer or something.

That is all for me :) Hope you can answer and hopefully you get you question asnwered.

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You definitely will not be able to get it to work with the power supply that it came with.  Not only do you not have enough power connectors (you need both), but the wattage won't be enough.

Get yourself a quality 600+ watt power supply - brands such as SeaSonic, Corsair are ideal, otherwise Antec or OCZ work too.  Also try and spend the extra money to a modular power supply, since you don't have much room in the case for cable management.

Swap out the power supply for this new one and you'll be good to go!

Good luck!

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okey I will go for that, Thank you very much!

Much appreciated! :)

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Great deal on a modular 650w Seasonic for just $99 for the next 48 hours.  Lists for $179 and is usually priced at $139.

use promo code EMCNENB53 at checkout

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Thanks, but I have already ordered one :)

I will put it in the computer today and hopefully everything is going to be okey! :)

Your informtion was much appreciated though!

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