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Optiplex 760 and 3TB Hard Disk Windows 7

Hi All

I need a bit of help, Got a new 3TB disk and Windows 7 home (64bit) to put on the Optiplex 760.  

During the Windows install it will only detect apx 2047gb, with 746gb unallocated and i dont have a option to do anything with this 746gb at this point, once Windows is installed I have the same issue in computer manager I can see the 2047gb as my main disk and the 746 is unallocated but i cant do anything with it there no options, i have tried to extend the 2047 volume into this space but it wont let me.

I have updated the BIOS from A07 to A16 but this has not resolved the issue.

I read a bit about uefi bios and hybred efi can anyone tell me if the above system with this BIOS will in anyway support my 3TB hard disk as 3TB or is there a way I can split the partitions as I would be happy to make a 30gb or so o/s partition and then use the other 2.7TB as a D drive for files etc.


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The 760 is non-UEFI and it won't recognize the full 3tb of the device if it is used as a boot drive. If Windows is installed on the smaller drive, the 3tb can be used as a data drive with a single partition if the drive is partitioned with GUID Partition Format (not MBR).


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Is there any other way around this, by using a different SATA card etc ? I read on another forum where someone reformatted the disk as GPT with Partition Wizard, I tried this and it did expand the disk but it then would not boot.  Im think of a way around it, the PC case will only fit one hard disk in, as its the slim desktop version, I could but a external case and use this as a external 3TB disk as suggested but this would be a last resort option.

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There is no way around the Boot Issue if the BIOS doesn't support GPT and the CPU supports EMT64 and the OS is 64 bit.  The Controller issue in NON WINDOWS 8 certfied systems can be overcome via a 3rd party Controller and Software from Western Digital or Seagate.   INTEL RST Greater than 10.3 is REQUIRED for that which means F6 drivers are not optional.

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