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Pinnacle Studio video capture card installs correctly in Dimension 8100 but not in Dimension 8300

I've recently upgraded from a Dell Dimension 8100 to a Dimension 8300. One of the applications I run is Pinnacle Studio Deluxe 8, which includes an AV/DV video capture card that installs in a PCI slot. The card installs as 3 devices:
- E4
- Overlay
- IEEE 1394 controller

Each device is listed separately in Device Manager.  For the capture card to work all 3 devices must use the same IRQ. In the Dell 8100 it installed correctly with all three devices assigned to IRQ10. However, on the new Dell 8300 the card installs the E4 to IRQ10 and both the Overlay and IEEE 1394 controller to IRQ22.  The E4 device has a yellow warning flag in Device Manager with a statement that it is not operative because it can't obtain enough resources (Code 12).

At the suggestion of Pinnacle Tech Support I've tried the card in every PCI slot and also tried 14 combinations of cards and slots but none has made a difference. Always the E4 has a different interrupt to the other two.

Both Dells are running Windows XP SP1. The Pinnacle application software and hardware drivers are installed identically on each . They both include the latest upgrades and drivers from Pinnacle. It seems to come down to different BIOSes. The 8100 has the Initio INI9100-U version 1.12. The setup screen on the 8100 has a line for PCI IRQ assignment which allows the user to change IRQ assignments, although I haven't needed to resort to it. The card installed correctly first go.

The Dell 8300 has a different BIOS. The setup screen contains no line for IRQ assignment. There is no apparent means for a user to influence IRQ assignment. XP seems to have total control over IRQs. What can I do to fix this? Is there anything I can do to get XP to assign all devices on the card to the same IRQ?

I'm posting this as a hardware issue because it relates to the capture card, but it might be equally at home in the BIOs forum.

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I have my brand new Dell Dimension 4600, Intel P4-2.8, 512 DDR, ATI128, SB Live, with a 60G HD, running OS=XP Pro.  All factory installed, all new.  My purpose for purchasing Dell?, to run Pinnacle Studio Deluxe 8 for video capability.  My only work on the computer so far, network for internet and control of the old drives on my older computer.  My only hardware, software install is the Pinnacle Studio PCI card and software.
I have installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled several times with identical results:

The Pinnacle Systems Studio AV/DV E4 Driver (1 of 3 drivers for this install) is flagged with a yellow flag in the Device Manager with this message:  "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use (Code 12)  If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system"  [The Troubleshooter is also recommended].

[The 1394 Driver is on IRQ 21 the same as the AV/DV Overlay with no problems noted, the AV/DV E4 Driver is on IRQ 10]

Use of the troubleshooter results in NOTHING helpful!  The 'Resources' page offers no opportunity to change IRQ or any other resource.  I have tried disabling other devices (such as Modem and the other two Pinnacle drivers) with no benefit.  After a full boot they still show as disabled with a red X, however the "Pinnacle AV/DV E4" driver still will have the yellow flag.  When I have uninstalled and reinstalled, I have removed the PCI card and done the renewal reboot, and actually gone back to restore XP prior to the original install.

Please help me.  I can understand clear instructions and follow even complicated computer issues through fairly well. The Pinnacle Forum pages, as well as the Dell site, indicate this is a problem that has had substantial customer and user attention for a while.  Please inform me how to get the driver properly installed so that the Pinnacle analog capture will function.

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