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Replacement USB receiver for wireless keyboard and mouse?

Hi- I purchased an "all in one" computer recently and it the box was missing the USB receiver for the wireless keyboard/ mouse.  Dell Support was quick to send it but they sent the whole setup- including another keyboard and mouse. So, now I have a working set + original that can't connect to anything. 

The parts are not expensive but I hate to throw away a perfectly good keyboard/ mouse if I can get it working on the cheap.  Does anyone know if/ where I can buy just the receiver?  If yes, how might I go about syncing it?  I read online it's possible w/ certain Logitech hardware, just couldn't find anything about Dell.


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Borrow someone else's receiver for a test.

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The Dell keyboard and mouse sets are NOT BLUETOOTH they are sets.  You cannot mix and match the dongle is paired to the specific keyboard and mouse set.  DELL DOES NOT SELL EXTRA RADIOS THESE ARE PAIRED AT THE FACTORY.  You have to throw it away.


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